#1 Song on your Date in History

September 27, 2007

Here is something fun to try. You can click HERE to find out your songs too. Feel free to post yours, I would love hear what they are.

My #1 songs were as follows:

The day I was born: “I can’t Get Close to You” by the Temptations

The day I think I graduated: “One More Try” by George Michael

My first date with Tom: “Groovy Kind of Love” by Phil Collins

The day I got married: “I Ador Mi Amor” by Color me Badd (remember that group!)

The day my first baby was born: “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

2nd baby was born: “Baby Boy” by Beyonce’

Third Baby was born: “Let me Love You” by Mario



17 responses to #1 Song on your Date in History

  1. This is funnn! I’m on my way to try in a bit. xoxo

    PS–Color me Badd? What kind of girl were you anyway?

  2. Typical 80’s chick. You should know. . .hee hee! :fish

  3. This is fun!

    The day I was born: “Bad Girls” -Donna Summer :rotfl

    Me and Jon’s first date: “Macarena” – Los Del Rio :puke

    The Day I graduated : “My All” – Mariah Carey

    My wedding Day: “I knew I loved You”- Savage Garden

    The day I had my first baby- “Family Affair” – Mary J. Blige

  4. How fun! Gosh your’s really applied – especially first baby!

  5. Amber, I went back and looked at the day my first baby was born – check it out! I added it above. Funny!

  6. :rotfl HA! “SAY MY NAME”…………….. :rotfl That is too good! Wow-Jaden, and Evely’s even fit too!!

    I looked up Chandler and Maya after I posted that…but I can’t remember what they were…I’ll go back and look now 😉

  7. Born = Wooden Heart by Joe Dowel
    Grad = Reunited by Peaches & Herb
    Son = Bad Girls by Donna Summer
    1st Date w/Ron = I’ll be your everything by Tony Page
    Engaged to Ron = If Wishes Came True by Sweet Sensation
    Married to Ron = Because I love you by Stevie B

    That was fun

  8. Those are great! Thanks for playing T. Have you got to see the company yet? I talked to Mom earlier today and they said they had a good trip out.

  9. Karen–Gina wanted me to call you but I don’t have your numba—

    Are you still coming to bunco tomorrow–and that’ll be a ‘yes’ because we need you there. And because you will def leave with a prize, that’s worth it. Right? Run over to jameeforever and say yes when you get the chance. xoxo

  10. Amazing! The day I was born the hit was “The Streak” by Ray Stevens.

    How fitting!

    …Or would that be non-fitting…?

  11. Karen get over to my site–I have something fun for you there.

  12. Jonathon, that is hilarious!! Very fitting. :rotfl :rotfl

  13. Hey Karen, I had a delightful delightful time with you tonight. Thanks for being part of bunco, you cracked me up in your boa. Next time, wear something that goes with hot pink, will ya?

    Ahh well, I shouldn’t criticize the big winner.

    Signed me, the big loser

  14. Yes, I had such a fun time too!!! Thanks for encouraging me to go. I’ll have to do a post on my big win – since I never win anything. Really, I don’t!

    signed, stubby. . . hee hee.

  15. Thanks, Karen–and unless something very very odd comes up, yes I will be there tonight. You did make me a cake–right? Karen? Didn’t you? If you haven’t gotten that done, there’s still time. xoxo

    PS–I have the FUNNEST picture of you from bunco–I’ll get your email tonight and email them to you.

  16. It just dawned on me to ask NOW–where was Tom tonight? I know, I’m quick to notice things! xoxo

  17. It means Blog Friend Turned Real Life Friend~

    Did ya really have a cake? I thought you were joking! Karen, that alone makes me smile. I’m adoring you.