2008 Caricatures

December 16, 2008

Yup, it’s that time of the year again. Each year we travel downtown to enjoy a phenomenally fun party that Tom’s work puts on for the families of the hospital. The kids seem to enjoy it more and more each year. I commented to Tom that last year I was thrilled that I had one diaper and some wipes in my purse. This year….nothing of the sort! It is so nice.

We had two caricatures done this year. Enjoy…


Tom said he looks like he’s married to Dolly Parton in this picture….hmmmm.

If you would like to check out some of our previous caricatures and see how we’ve all “grown” look here or HERE

I always take a picture of the kids before going down for this event, so here is this year’s photo. This only took about 20 shots to get a decent one.


The kids enjoy seeing Santa and sitting on the jolly guy’s lap. This year Jaden asked for a Green Machine, Evely for makeup and hairspray (yes, that is what I said) and Julian asked for the oh-so-hoped-for Nintendo DS. Julian made Santa a bracelet while there because he said that he “really hadn’t been that good this year”. He said he really gets mad at Jaden and hits him too much. I didn’t think he would give it to him but he really did. (Another thing you don’t have to teach a child – bribery!)


Good Memories! I love my family!



5 responses to 2008 Caricatures

  1. I love charactures, I had one of me drawn a long time ago. I have it somewhere. Those are really good of you all. You do look like Dolly in that one.

    I pray your mom is still doing well.

  2. Thanks, Marlis! Yes, Mom is doing okay. She has had a hard time since Thanksgiving. She got the stomach flu and it lasted a couple of weeks. She just never has bounced back yet. Her back is really bothering her too, but her spirits are good. Thanks for your prayers!

  3. Ah, those are great!!!

  4. I love that you love your family, Karen!

    I have to say you look beautiful in those characatures, so clearly the artist captured you correctly. What fun–and a tradition the kids will cherish. xo

  5. That’s a great looking caricature Ms Parton. 😛