A Funny for your Cold Day

January 18, 2007

We have been holed up in our house now since last Friday. All my kids have had the flu and are finally on the upswing! Good thing. I am glad that school has been out so that Julian didn’t miss a lot of class work. I am feeling the need to get back to normal.

So on this cold January day I present to you a funny picture. Every time I look at it, it just cracks me up! Last August the boys had gone swimming at my parents house. After getting out the pool, the boys were upstairs getting dressed. We heard some laughter and down came Jaden wearing nothing but my Mom’s wig!!





18 responses to A Funny for your Cold Day

  1. That’s hilarious!

    I want to see a picture of him wearing nothing but his Thomas tennies and red gloves!

    I love three year olds!!!

  2. Yeah, I need to take a picture of him in his red gloves. Today we went to the mall so the kids could play a little. He wouldn’t leave the gloves in the car and had them on the entire time at the play area.

  3. Thanks for the laugh :rotfl

  4. I totally thought that was a photoshop type picture. So funny!!! How are you surviving “being all holed up” Praying for you friend!

  5. How are YOU doing being holed up, girl? I’m been thinking of you. Hope all the little ones are good!

  6. Karen and Michaela-

    I’m going crazy over here. I better see one or both of you at Church on Sunday. YES…..I know that it’s going to snow… but I don’t care! It’s been WAY too long since I saw or talked to you guys. Michaela…I might consider giving you a “pass” this Sunday since you have a tiny newborn, and you probably shouldn’t try taking her out in the cold (give her some hugs and kisses from me would ya). Plus, you live in the middle of….well… Egypt, so I won’t make you drive that far just to see me :rotfl But ONLY this one time.

    I’m about to drive out to both of your homes this weekend just to see you, but that would be like driving to Iowa and back & I think the truck needs a oil change and the tires rotated before we take a long trip like that :rotfl :rotfl. So, maybe I’ll just have to be patient. This whole winter-ice storm-kids out of school-flu pandemic-snow storm+more ice-thing really sucks!

    Gotta Go……I think Jon is :puke….for real :cry

  7. I agree, Amber! I miss you guys soooo much! I feel like I’ve been in a real hole and not seeing anybody. Not been to church for a few weeks and tomorrow may not be any better with the snow. Evely still has a cold too.

    Hope Jon is okay!!! The :puke are the worst!!!

  8. Julian looks so adorable! Sorry everyone has been sick. Stay safe and warm everyone.

  9. I miss being around adults. . .

    We need to get together soon.

    This snow is pretty, but it better not pile up and mess Monday up for James and the kids!

  10. Oh, Good GRIEF! Just when Jon started feeling a little better then Maya started in with the runny nose. I even had to miss my first ever group run this morning (which made me even more grumpy). I really am going to go crazy if things don’t start looking better soon! I may try to go to Church with one kid tomorrow…..maybe.

  11. Yeah, I agree the snow is pretty. . .but I’m ready to get back to my schedule. I feel like Christmas and New Years just keep going and going and going. . .

    I really hope they don’t close school tomorrow.

  12. Oh, I know. I’ve been near mental meltdown mode the last two days. I am hanging in there though! I feel like Christmas break never ended and I sure miss MDO. I think summers are sooooooooooooooo much easier than this cuz we can all go outside for walks and to the park and I can sit and swing on my beloved patio. I sure miss my patio swing in the winter. I wish I enjoyed the cold, but I don’t and it’s just not the same to sit out there in the winter.

    Did you know the home we have a contract on has a patio in the back? It’s under the deck and my swing can be easily hung right there.

  13. That’s great! You need your swing. Make sure James hangs it good so you don’t take another spill. Hee Hee

    I can’t wait for MDO tomorrow too! I’m getting my hair done. I’m looking like a skunk these days, so I can’t wait to sit and be pampered.

  14. THAT is stinking funny!!! Sorry you’ve been holed up in the sick ward. Hope all is better this week.

  15. Well, I wore my angora socks to bed last night (the cream colored pair). My feet quickly became too hot. They were really soft though!! I think I need to go look at my stash again and take inventory. James said he laughed out loud at work when he listened to my voice mail about trying on my new socks and how awesome they felt. :fish

  16. I think I should blog about my new socks!

  17. I think you should too! New socks are a luxury!!

  18. That picture of the boys is so cute!!!

    I’m glad I got moved on Thur, or I would have been at the Lake yet. I do not like ice and snow for more than one day. Take pics and then melt is how I feel. Our neighbors guttering fell off here as it is.