A Heartwarming Christmas Story

December 23, 2005

At Thanksgiving I posted about my Grandmother’s Butter Horn Roll recipe. She was such a big part of my life and so she is always in my thoughts especially around the holidays. My Mom and I started working on a heritage scrapbook a couple years ago (which sadly isn’t finished) and the things we ran across as we went through old memorobilia and pictures were priceless. Here is one that I will share with you. It is very fitting for our Christmas Season.

My Grandmother, Leona Robertson Batt as a young girl

Here is a letter that she wrote to Santa Claus in 1926. It was published in the local paper.

santa letter

To give a little background, my Grandma’s brother was born with club feet. They had taken him to have surgery and he developed blood poisoning in one of his feet. It ate away at the foot and caused it to shrivel. At that time there were no antibiotics and they didn’t even know if Wilbur would live. He did live and lived quite a long life. He always had a special place in my Grandma’s heart.

This is such a touching moment of my heritage. This is exactly how my Grandma was – always selfless and thinking of others. I can only hope that this would inspire us all this Christmas time to think beyond ourselves to others around us.

Christmas is celebrated because of a completely selfless act. Remember the Christ child, our Lord and Savior, that came to earth selflessly to become a man and to die for our sins. What a huge moment in the heritage of this world!

Merry Christmas everyone! I am blessed to have you all in my life!



3 responses to A Heartwarming Christmas Story

  1. What a great post! Your Grandma left you such an incredible legacy.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. That’s very sweet that she asked for more things for him than for herself.

    Merry Christmas Shoemakers!!!

  3. I love her letter and her picture. She only asked for candy and nuts. Even the gifts she asked for for her brother are so simple and sweet.