A Strange Thing Happened the Other Day!

September 13, 2006

Have you ever lost your keys? Your whole big set of keys? Well, I did! They are gone into that big black hole where those important things go that are never seen again.

There are certain things in life, that when you lose them you instantly feel naked. Keys, purses, cell phones and small children all do this to me! So, I went a couple of days feeling very naked and looking under everything and in everything and calling all the places I had been to find these keys. Nothing. Nada and Nowhere!

So my wonderful hubby went to the local Westlake and made me a brand new set. I was so excited and thankful. The next morning I had all the kids ready for school, loaded them into the van and stuck my shiny new key into the ignition. First it didn’t fit very well. Hmmm. . .I pulled it out and turned it over and stuck it in. It went in without a problem and then I did the magical thing that we do over and over. . .I started the van – not. It wouldn’t turn over. It would just rev and rev. GREAT! I thought something was wrong with the van so I went to pull the key out and it WOULD NOT COME OUT OF THE IGNITION! It also wouldn’t go back to the Off position, so the radio was on and the door was dinging. I was beside myself yanking and pulling on that key. It would not come out! So I called Tom at work and we figured out together, after pulling the owners manual out, that the keys to Honda’s are coded! Yes, for theft reasons a non-coded key will NOT start the van.

Needless to say, I had to call a Tow truck to wench the van out of the garage and take it to our local Honda dealer to get the key out. $162.00 later I have my van back!!!! Yes, $162.00!!!! The key removal was $53.00 and the rest of the highway robbery was by the tow service!


Oh my, my . . .live and learn.



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  1. I hate those kind of painful lessons!

  2. I was wondering what the final bill was. I am going to pray you have no more money “stolen” from you before you leave for your trip.

  3. Every time and I mean every time we plan a trip something happens with one of our vehicles that takes a bite out of our trip funds. Branson is notorious for this. The bite of this is that it was so preventable. BTW we found out to get a key made has to go through a dealer or someone “connected” and the legitimate cost is $49.90. Better than the 160 bucks we just donated but still… I will let the manager of ACE Hardware know of the Honda key trap so no one else has our experience. Also the tow co. was Lazer tow so you know what it will cost you to use them.

  4. if you call the dealer and ask the service dept. for a tech bulletin on how to program duplicate keys they will possibly print one out for you, so you can duplicate a key incase you ever lose them again. It usually takes one key that already works to program a new key. I have done that with different dealerships out here and they are happy to assist, and at usually no charge.

  5. I was expecting to hear you say when they hooked on to it with the tow truck your original keys fell out from the van!!

  6. Thanks, Ron! We’ll try that. We do need to have an extra key made in case we lose one. That’s good to know.

    Yeah, Kenny, I wish! You know this morning I couldn’t find any remotes to the T.V. We have like 4 of them and all but one were GONE. I found them in the bottom of the trash can thanks to the lovely Evely. I am wondering if something similar happened to the keys. :cry

  7. Karen, I lost my keys when Anjelia was in that “throw everything in the trash” phase. James, on a hunch, crawled into the shop trash dumpster and dug through all our old bags of trash. Guess what he found at the bottom of one of the bags? Yep, my keys!!

  8. I’m trying to picture James dumpster diving for the keys! That’s funny. Did he wear gloves?

  9. Hi Karen! I’m Julies’ cousin. I just went to see my Mom’s new blog and she had yours as a connection, so I wanted to check it out.
    I went to visit my grandmother in Missouri a few years ago and she gave me 2 beaded necklaces to carry back to TN as part of my sister and mine inheritance from her. She was really proud, they were appraised at about $50.00 a piece. I took them home and never saw them again. I had to tell Deb, my sister, but I never wanted to tell my grandmother. She would think I was irresponsible. Deb ended up telling her cause she kept asking her about them and she couldn’t lie about it. I turned that house upside down, prayed God would show me the way to them, meditated, like some psychic connection would come and I would instantly know where they were.
    Crazy aren’t we?
    Sorry to yammer on, my husband took the kids to NY with him to see his family before we leave Maryland. I’m not used to quiet.

  10. Does Punky have a blog? Where have I been? I want to see it. I am lost. :cry

  11. Hi Trish! Thanks for posting. I read your posts on Jule’s website often and I hear about you on occasion. So, I already feel like I am acquanted with you.

    Yeah, I kept praying and praying that God would show me where those keys were too! I know that he does know where they are right now but has chosen to keep silent on this one. You know, I think he is teaching me a lesson here! I tend to way overspiritualize everything. . .but I do think that God teaches us things in our everday lives.

    With the keys being gone and then the remotes thrown in the trash I felt like it was something God was saying specifically to me. Not to try to use other things in my life when he is my TRUE POWER SOURCE. Nothing can replace him. Only he can keep me running, keep me walking in power. When I try to use something else, not only does it not work, it frustrates and it costs!

  12. Yeah maybe a little over-spiritual there hon. 😀

  13. Cindy Wheelbarger September 15, 2006 at 8:16 am

    Thank goodness you knew to look in the bottom of the trash cans….what would we do without our remotes….we’d have to get up and acually work the TV ourselves. :p

  14. Yeah, Cindy I know what you mean. Our problem is that you cannot physically turn the tv to channel “3” on our t.v. You have to use the remote. That’s the channel that all the kids videos play on, so that is a BIG problem! ugghhh.

    Tom, thanks for your support there, HON! ‘preciate your words of loving encouragement. :fish

  15. What is it with our cars lately? What did we do to deserve this kind of treatment from them? LOL! :rotfl Our gear shift cable incident cost $155, so I know how that feels. Everyone was like “Well, at least it wasn’t something serious”, and I was thinking ” If this isn’t ‘serious’ then give me my darn $155 back!”. Stupid cars!!

    * I’m so ungrateful! :disgust

  16. Yup! Anytime you can’t get your car to go because of ANY reason – it’s serious!!!

  17. Nothing like being late in gettin this read and respond to it.

    I lost my keys once and guess where I found them. Laying on the space just between the radiator and the frame of the truck. Yes, I had lifted the hood to check the oil and left them there. We drove miles with another set of keys before discovering they were lost. Then Brad decided to ride home with friends. Guess what. That is when I noticed my keys were missing (just as I saw them pull out of the parking lot). I had to hitch a ride back to Tucson with a lady I had rememberd being a cashier in a grocery store and I searched for the keys. No luck. So called Brad and his friends. They had to drive him all the way back out to the fair grounds to get the truck. Still no keys were being found till about 11:00 that night and I retraced in my mind all that had gone on and remember checking the oil and guess what. Those keys had rode miles and miles right there under the hood without falling down and being gone (or going through the fan).

    Oh, the fee. Does your insurance have any tow fee coverage? If not you can add it or get AAA. AAA will tow and they also cover changing tires if you have a flat. Remember, AAA does not just cover ONE vehicle, but ANY vehicle you are driving or even RIDING in (even if it is someone else’s ——maybe like Teressa’s when she goes to the credit union to get money from the auto teller and she locks her keys inside the car).

    Yep, I guess it happens to everyone.

  18. Yes, our insurance does have tow coverage. . .but guess what! The van didn’t have it. I’m reconsidering getting the tow service added now. :fish

  19. Aunt C, I keep wondering if I will find those keys someday. So far they haven’t shown up and I have looked high and low. I can’t believe yours rode all that way without being lost.

  20. Hey how about a blog about our trip to Florida?

  21. Yeah, where is your trip update? You’re really slacking missy :p

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