A very Strange thing happened…

July 20, 2009

Yesterday we were on our way to church, we were getting ready to load up in the van and Tom came running into the house yelling for me to come. There were two baby fawns caught up on our fence on our property. They were hung up by one leg each and were exhausted from fighting to get free. Their mama was on the other side of the fence and was quite agitated with Tom for coming near them.


Tom got the wire cutters and carefully cut each one off the fence.

This one was so terrified it just laid down and let Tom pet it. It was so heartwrenching to see them flopping on the fence and so helpless.

Once they were off the fence they continued to try to jump the fence and couldn’t even begin to get over it. They would just jump right into the fence and fall on the ground. It was so sad.

Finally they both ran off down toward another area of woods where the Mama could find them.

I must say that this was very emotional for all of us as we watched these babies completely helpless and stranded. The mama couldn’t do a thing to help them and it was horrifying to watch. I really saw this picture of life as I watched. I could feel the panic of this poor mama as she watched her babies entangled in this mess and couldn’t do a thing about it. I think as parents we hope and pray that our kids will be okay as we are raising them. My hope is that my kids will not become entangled in huge messes that will ruin their lives. I know that as a parent we do our best but sometimes may watch as they get entangled and can do nothing about it. However, there is someone that is above all, that is bigger and stronger than I and can take care of my kids. Jesus loves them even more than I and can intervene and take over in the care of my children when my hands are tied. I think He showed me this to bring comfort to my heart and I wanted to share this because it was such a clear picture to me of life as a Mom.

It reminded me of one of my favorite verses that I have thought about as a Mother:

He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.
Isaiah 40:11



2 responses to A very Strange thing happened…

  1. That is my biggest fear as a mom, to see my kids get entangled in somethinig that I cannot do anything about. I pray each day that God will watch over, guide and protect them. I am so glad that He is faithful and we can put our hope in Him.

    This story made my heart quiver. What a wonderful promise He gave you.

    Those fawns are so beautiful.

  2. I’m glad it happened somewhere that you were able to see them rather than out in some field where they would have eventually been found dead. You hope animals would learn something but the number of dead deer, raccoons, squirrels, etc. on the road certainly indicate that there is no learned avoidance behavior and unlike the dog hot line on 101 Dalmations, the animal kingdom doesn’t pass on messages to one another.