Africa Cont’d – Tsavo

November 5, 2008

Continuing on with Tom’s mission trip pics….

After leaving Nairobi the group began to travel down to the coast toward Mombasa. As they went, they travelled through Tsavo West National Park. It is a huge wildlife refuge and when they arrived Tom said they really felt “Africa”. They were really here! Here are some of the wildlife they saw as they drove. If anyone saw the movie “The Ghost and the Darkness” about the man-eating lions, it was filmed here.


Looking out of the vehicle as they drove. The roof pops up and you can stand up and look out.

Zebras. One thing they saw along the roads were Zebra roadkill. Can you imagine hitting one of those!

Elephants. They saw some babies too.

They saw Impala (deer like animal with long horns), cape buffalo (the most dangerous animal there), giraffes, hippos, wild dogs and lots of monkeys.

They stopped at this shelter house for lunch. The monkeys all started coming in hoping to get fed.



After eating they walked down to an area where hippos were swimming.

The trek continued until the afternoon and they stopped for the night at this area with these huts. Tom said it was wonderful. Very rustic but he finally got his first hot shower here. They slept under mosquito nets (which they did everywhere) and enjoyed nature. He said they rarely saw any mosquitos as the bats and geckos are so plentiful. Malaria is a real issue in Africa, actually more than HIV. None of the group had any problems with mosquitos or becoming ill on the trip.

This was the place that Tom stayed for the night in Tsavo.

In the morning he went out on the covered porch and watched the sun rise on Mount Kilimanjaro. This is one of his favorite moments of the trip.

More to come….

On a side note, please be in prayer for my Mom. She recieved her tumor marker count and it had risen to 66.8. They will be doing a cat scan and Pet scan tomorrow afternoon to check things out. Pray for healing and peace.



4 responses to Africa Cont’d – Tsavo

  1. Great pictures. I also love the one of the mountain.

    God bless your mom and look after her during her illness and make her well.

  2. Thanks, Marlis! Thanks for sticking with the posts, too.

  3. We had a great time last night. We loved looking at all the pictures and hearing Tom’s stories. I’m so glad he got the opportunity to go! I also really enjoyed your posts.

  4. I’m way proud of you Tom. The trip looks beautiful, and I’m glad they finally let you swim in the river…
    Anywhat, now that you have some sort of parasites living in/on your body, feel free to visit any of our…oh how you say…intestinal doctors to get a check up.

    In all seriousness, Africa is a better place for having you visit. Good work.

    See you guys later.