And Now for a Commercial Break…

June 7, 2006

When you look at the picture you should hear magical music and a “ta-da!”

During our garage sale last week, my Mother-In-Law gave me some great advice! She was going on about this life-changing product she had bought, so as I shopped at Walmart yesterday I had to pick one up and try it.

I came home and immediately went into the bathroom and tried it out on my tub. It was amazing! Truly! I was shocked at how the soap scum that has built up over the months just wiped right off. (Yes, over the months!I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t given my tub a complete scrub to remove all the scum for a very long time.) Amazed, I went to my kitchen linoleum and wiped up the floor. With hardly a scrub I wiped over the floor and was in wonder at how clean it was. I have this white sink that I have to clorox several times a week to get the stains out and I wiped it over the sink and “ta-da!” it was white again.

It’s this sponge thing, you wet it and ring it out and it just goes to work. It doesn’t have an odor either. It’s the weirdest thing. It has a spongy-type feel that sort of molds to your hand. You can use it over and over, too. It doesn’t make sense but the thang works! Give it a try.

Thanks, Rita, for the tip. It’s great!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .



13 responses to And Now for a Commercial Break…

  1. Soooooo…if I rub it all over my belly will it take away all the unwanted pounds I’ve gained over the last several years???

  2. I think my man boobs have shrunk some, but of course I only used two so far. I scrubbed on my back hair but I haven’t seen any results yet. I’ll keep you current on those results.

  3. Ok, I have to get this! This sounds great.

    Karen, I used to clean my tub/shower weekly. What a joke! Now it gets a good complete scrub every few months. I totally understand. But with a new toy like this I bet I’d have it sparkling in no time!

    I took a shower this morning and when I came out Anjelia had rubbed my entire stick of deodorant all over the tv. I could use a magic eraser right now.

  4. I know a salesman that could sell you one.

  5. Karen, your behind the times. I would not clean house without my MR CLEAN eraser. Try it on your walls, marvelous. I clean my table that is not wood. But the miracle I found for the grout in my kitchen floor tile, YEP!!!!!!!MR CLEAN eraser. I am so happy 😀 I cleaned it with bleach water and it was still dirty. NOT NOW!!!! It is a wonderful product.

  6. Yeah! That’s what I am amazed at. I’ve cleaned stuff with bleach hundreds of times and it never looked as good as this makes it!

    Jules, I totally am with ya on not getting to clean the tub like I used to! The only time I am in the shower is when I am showering and it’s usually at the speed of lightening hoping that my kids are still alive when I get out.

    Rita finds that she wipes the shower down after she showers and so it stays clean all the time. I’m going to try that, I think I will leave one in there on the shelf and try to wipe it off really quick – maybe. I always have the best intentions. :cry

  7. Please do Tom, I’m resting all my future weight loss hopes on this miracle.

  8. I was hoping to impress the housewives at work with our new miracle product and was met with “duh”. I guess it’s not such a secret. But I told them I bet they haven’t tried it on their cellulite like my friend Carl. I can’t tell you what was said next as I couldn’t see to type.

  9. Karen, I also wiped the shower down everytime and it always stayed clean and dry. But there are times when you are so tired, so I bought the after shower sprays. I don’t recall the name off hand, there are more than one. You clean your tub and shower area real good. When dry spray this on, then after each shower just spray quickly and wa la, it drys shiny clean. I really love this too. 😀

  10. That’s a good idea, Marlis. I guess I never invest much time on the cleaner aisle. I’m always a woman on a mission with a basket full of kids. Sometime when I am by myself I’ll have to browse all these new things.

  11. Hey I wonder if it will take off white out. Anjelia dumped a whole bottle on my kitchen floor and it does not want to come off. :eek

  12. I am an idiot!! My mother-in-law gave me one the magic eraser things–without instructions-so I tried to wipe stuff down and nothing happened. So I thought what’s the big deal and now I find you are suppose to get it wet–hahaha…I was just wiping away with no results!! I’m a dork. I’ll give it another try! Anything to make cleaning easier!!

  13. That’s hilarious, Micheala!! :fish