And now for the LONG awaited Florida trip

September 26, 2006

As some of you know, Tom and I had the absolute privilege of going to Florida for our 15th Anniversary! Yes, we have made it to the 15 year mark and still really do like one another.

We left for Fort Meyers Beach last Tuesday.
After several delays on our flight out of KCI, then missing our flight in Atlanta, waiting on standby for several hours, we finally made it to our hotel in Fort Meyers Beach. It was completely worth the hassles and the waits when we got there!

We stayed at the Pink Shell Beach Resort (I would highly recommend it!). It was superb! We stayed in the White Sands Villas which were basically apartments that overlooked the gulf. They had a full kitchen, washer and dryer, living room with floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the water, a HUGE bathroom with one of those big round tubs, and a separate bedroom with a screened in porch.

The Pink Shell – looking from the beach.

The screened in porch off our bedroom. We would leave the door open at night so we could hear the waves crashing in.

The pool area.

Our view out the living room windows.

We did a lot of exploring the first day and then went to this lovely restaurant called Anothony’s On the Gulf for dinner. We ate outside and watched the sunset. It was heavenly.


Here is a picture of the sunset that night. We always made sure we were on the beach at sunset.

Our anniversary was a really memorable day for us. We drove down to Naples in our rented convertible. We honeymooned there and so we thought it would be nice to be there on our big day.

This car was a blast!

We did some shopping and then went down to the pier and walked the beach. It has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. The shelling there is really good and we had fun picking up shells, seeing shrimp and other life on the beach.

You can see the Naples pier in the background here.

At sunset we walked all the way to the end of the pier to watch the sun melt into the sea. A large crowd of people had gathered there and we all stood in awe as the fiery ball began to sink. After it completely disappeared from view everyone broke out clapping. It was like God had perfectly orchestrated this beautiful event and we had all gathered to witness this performance. It was magical!

Isn’t this awesome! This is one of the photos of that sunset.

Our last day we went deep sea fishing. A real highlight that ended our trip on a really great note. It was exciting reeling in fish after fish and wondering what was coming up on that line. There were several of us on the boat and so we saw some really interesting fish. We caught mostly spot tail and red snapper. They weren’t big fish but were good to eat. They fixed all our fish for us and we took them back to the hotel.


Here’s the basket of fish we caught.

The chef in the hotel restaurant fixed us a really tasty meal of blackened fish. I usually hate fish, but this was excellent!!


Here is a picture of us at dinner that night. The hotel restaurant is like a big covered patio type thing. You are inside, yet there are no windows so you feel like you are outside. I love this photo of us with the sunset in the background. (As you can tell, I’m really into the beach and sunsets!)


All in all we had a wonderful trip!
I wouldn’t recommend flying Delta or having a layover in Atlanta, but those are just part of the adventure. I must say a HUGE ‘THANKS!’ to our parents for watching all our kids and making this possible. It was so nice to be away and know that the kids are happy, well taken care of and having a time of their lives too. Thank you so much and we love you!



10 responses to And now for the LONG awaited Florida trip

  1. We’ve got to plan a trip to the beach with the kiddos! How fun would that be!

    As you know very well, the beach is my most favorite place to be. I am so glad to see the pictures and I am happy you got to go on several wonderful adventures!!!!

    I would love to deep sea fish!

  2. Happy belated anniversay guys. Glad you had a great time! Have to say that if Tom doesn’t look like a pimp daddy in that convertible I don’t know who does! :rotfl

  3. :rotfl Funny, Carl!

  4. Julie, I think we should plan a trip. It would be really really fun.

  5. :bandCongratulations on 15 years!!!!

  6. I don’t know Branson was prety fun too… This trip was sooooo fun and we kept saying the next time we go we’ll have to bring another couple, ( I even offered to pick up the hotel and air but Karen just gave me that look). The hotel is very kid friendly however when we were there I’ll bet there was maybe 4 or 5 other couples and until Friday there were no little kids at all. The ocean was a little dirty from the rains so we spent most of our swim time in the pool and let me tell you the pool was as awesome as it looked! I would float under the waterfall and let the water massage my back. Dinner at Anthony’s was excellent! I’m telling Karen to post more food pics because my prime rib was great and her pasta dish was really tasty. The fishing trip was fun not only because you get to fish but they took us really far out (like 2 hours boating) to get to the place so the view was great and the water that far out was blue-green aquarium. By far the most relaxing and just plain fun trip I think we have done. Thanks again to the grandparents for the babysitting, next year we’re going to Colorado with the whole fam. Should be a blast!

  7. Okay, Hon, I’ll post your prime rib photo for ya.

  8. Karen, we called around quite a bit today to try to find someplace outside of the city to stay. October must be a popular month to get-away. James finally found a place in Hermann. It’s a little old farmhouse on a gravel road. It looks like a wonderful place to hide for a weekend. Hermann is having Oktoberfest celebrations that weekend! Anyway, our anniversary is planned! Now i just need to arrange babysitting.

  9. That’s great, Jules! I’m glad you found something. I hear Hermann really books up during that time, it’s so pretty there. This will give you guys something to look forward to and AWAY from town.

  10. I am glad Tom finally got his delicious prime rib!! You do need to post that picture!

    Again, I am happy for you guys.