And So It Begins. . .

October 24, 2005

After Evely came along, we suddenly felt the squeeze of our already tight little home. We had outgrown our 1100+ square foot home before she was born and now we had to do something! So after having our house on the market for a year and all the contracts falling through, we decided that God must be telling us just to stay put. I look back now and can see His hand in it all and I am so thankful that we have stayed put for now. However, we still need some room.

So it begins. . .the “Add On”!

We are building a 16X20 room on the back of our house and also redoing the kitchen. We’ll be adding some cabinets and a bar in the kitchen. The room will be a dining/family room combo and will be great when it is done!!

Our builder, Greg started last week and now it is really real.

You can see how tiny our house really is

The decking is coming down!

You can pray for Greg, he ran his hand through a table saw a few weeks before starting our job. He had to delay things awhile till the surgeon released him. His hand is really hurting him as he works, but he is anxious to get back to work. His lovely wife, Gail, has leukemia also. They are wonderful Christian people that God has brought along my path over the years. Pray for Greg and strength for his hands and for Gail’s health.



10 responses to And So It Begins. . .

  1. Yoo-Hoo! (Not the drink) Yeah it’s looking like we won’t be able to excuse ourselves out of socials anymore because when this is done, we are converting the basement to a dedicated play room for our kids and visitor kids too. BTW my brother Bill was very gracious in giving us a wooden playset already assembled! So a large fenced yard, playground stuff, a playroom, and a new dining/family room means party at Shoemaker’s!

  2. We’ll be expecting lots of invites to dinner!

  3. Cool, should be nice. Did Greg take woodworking lessons from James? 😮

  4. YAY! I’m so excited for you guy’s. Not that we wouldn’t still come over to your house with our 3 kids anyway……………now it will just be more fun for EVERYONE! I will pray that things go quickly and more importantly without any problems (or injuries). My offer to help you organize is still open, so don’t be shy when the time comes. You know it would just thrill my heart to pieces to be able to do that for you-LOL!

  5. Oh my, how exciting. I love remodeled homes. Like born again christians, it’s born again remodeling for family. When you grow, the house should grow. This will be exciting to watch.

  6. Yes, we are sooo excited yet also there comes the dread of living in “the mess”. BUT I know the mess will be worth it all!! :)

  7. I’m excited for you guys. Hope everything goes smoothly and comes out at or below cost!

  8. Amber, thanks for posting!!! Yes, you and your adorable 3 kids are welcome anytime and even though it’s small. Yeah, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and come help me organize! Thanks.

    Carl, yeah we hope it comes out below or at cost. They have just begun and already ran into a problem that is going to cost $$. Oh well, that’s to be expected.

  9. Yes, that is so very true, Aunt C!! I am glad that I am close to them now. Feel free to come back for the slumber party.

    Thanks for posting! How are you doing? Are you making it with all the hours you are working?

  10. Hello, so good to hear they are getting started with your house. We will all be back for a big slumber party. ha ha Sure don’t know when, though.

    God is so good to shut the doors we are to not go through if we will just listen to Him and also look back and see where He was protecting us though we did not understand what was going on at the time. I am so glad you are close to your Mom and Dad in distance, think what it could have been if your house had sold. Yes, your Big Daddy was looking out for what is best at this time.

    Must run. Love to all