Annual Pumpkin Carving

October 30, 2009

Last night we got our wet pumpkins off the front porch and started carving them. The kids picked out what they wanted and did most of the work themselves. I was impressed with how well they cleaned them out and carved them!

If you peek under the table you can see Snickers napping.

Jaden needed some help with finishing his carving. Tom jumped in and helped. :)

Proud pumpkin carvers.

They turned out great! Evely was so excited she kept dancing around. Yesterday was her first day in about a month that I saw her old self. I’m so glad she’s getting over Mono! This has been a very long month of being cooped up together and being ill. Hopefully we are done for the season.

Here’s a funny…

Check out my cat box

I couldn’t find the cat the other day and here she was sound asleep. I usually find her asleep in the kitchen sink or on top of the kitchen cabinets.

For those who keep up with Mom through this means, she is struggling but hanging in there. Her marker counts keep going up and they will take her marker number earlier next time to see if there is any use to keep her on the current chemo. If it’s not helping they will take her off of it.

She has been in touch with a place in Tennessee that has another treatment available. We are waiting to hear from them to see if she might be a candidate for this treatment. If you want to check out the site it is

Pray that she will know what to do about this trip. If she is to go, she will need to gain some strength in order to make the trip down. She has friends that are pilots and have volunteered to fly her there which would be a huge blessing.

In the midst of it all, God is in control. Nothing takes Him by surprise. We continue to look up.



One response to Annual Pumpkin Carving

  1. I did come over to check and see how your mom is doing. My prayers are with her that she improves this time and gains strength for the trip if needed.

    Those pumpkins are so cute. Great job kids.