Another Crumb about Faith

November 23, 2005

I hope that your turkey day is filled with warmth from family, friends, good food and a heart filled with gratitude.

I know of so many years that I have went through the Thanksgiving holiday with no real thoughts of what I had to be thankful for. I think as my meager faith grows I view thankfulness in a different way. I realize that everything that I have comes from the hand of God. His blessings abound in my life as I look around at my family, my little children and most of all the great salvation that God, in His mercy, has extended to me and I must praise Him.

I heard an awesome quote this week. Adrian Rogers, a great preacher, passed away this last week and they played pieces of his memorial service on Focus on the Family. I caught a small portion of it as his successor was reading quotes that he gave. This one really struck me and has stuck in my mind this week as I have pondered thankfulness.

Faith is praise turned inside-out!

I really love that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Thanks for being a part of my life. I am thankful for you.



8 responses to Another Crumb about Faith

  1. Great post!!! I am very thankful for your friendship. Have a great holiday!!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Karen!
    Thank you for being such a beautiful friend to me! You really define true friendship for me. I hope everything about this Thanksgiving is wonderful for you and yours. Give your Mom a big hug for me – I think about her every day.

  3. Amber, I miss you. It’s was great seeing you every week at CCF! Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Thanks, you two! I love you both very much and your friendship means so much to me, too. Hope your holiday is great!

  5. Hi Julie!
    I miss getting to see you every week also! I’m always telling Karen that I need to talk to you more often. Not many people in my world can relate to having three very small kids (except Karen), but I know you can :-). I miss your words of wisdom.


  6. I can relate to you all too well! Don’t you sometimes wish everyone understood?!

    Your a great mom, wife, friend and all around exceptional gal! Hang in there, Amber!

  7. Karen,

    I always love reading your notes! It causes reflection within myself. I wish that I was as eloquently spoken as you or that I could even put my thoughts down in such a way. I miss you and wish that there was more time in a day, week, month, year…that I could spend time with all of those people that I miss the most!

    I SO agree with you about knowing that EVERYTHING that I have comes from the hand of God! He has BLESSED me indeed! For that I am thankful beyond words!

    Amber and Julie…I miss you guys and pray that you are doing well. We should plan a ‘meeting’. I miss all of my friends!

    Love to you all!


  8. Thanks, Laura. Your words are always too kind. Yes, we should all have a reunion sometime. Especially over some good food!!! I miss you too.