Another report.

February 14, 2008

Today Mom got her tumor marker count back. They are now sending her lab work to a different lab. At this lab the results are considered normal if they are 1 – 35. Last time it was 19 but it went up to 32 this time. The rise isn’t good, she is waiting to hear from her Dr with what he thinks they should do at this point.

Mom was very disappointed but she is not overtaken with anxiety. Only faith in a God who loves us can do that. Truly! She is trusting him with her life and knows that He has her in His hand.

Follow-up – Mom heard from the dr. yesterday and they are not yet overly concerned with her numbers. They will wait another four weeks and then recheck her counts. Her response was another month to pray and heal and praise God.



5 responses to Another report.

  1. I’m sorry to hear that it went up. I’ve been waiting for the news.

    I’ll stand in faith with Judy. My prayers are with her. God is good ALL the time. Judy is an awesome example of a woman of faith.

  2. Another four week? Yes another four weeks for us to pray and for God to giver her His strength. She is such a sweet heart!

  3. Hey Karen–prayer said for your mom. I’m so glad the update was somewhat positive. Your mom must be very strong indeed. ((hugs))

    I missed one day of church and already I miss ya–and I may not be there Wed, not sure yet. 😥

  4. We are standing in faith with Judy!

  5. We will certainly keep her in our prayers.