Another Year, Another Caricature!

December 19, 2007

Yup, it’s that time of year again when we get our caricature done and see how we change in comic book look. Every year the hospital Tom works for does wonderful things for the employees and their families for Christmas. We are blessed to be a part of this organization! Each year they rent out a ballroom at a big hotel and provide a fun day for all of us. They have magic shows, face painting, crafts, Waldenbooks, lunch, Santa. . .and of course, the caricatures. Each year this is such a highlight for us; it will be sad when the kids are bigger and they are no longer interested in going.

So here is the caricature this year. The funny thing is, that from our first time of attendance we get the SAME artist. Everyone stands in a big line and there are 15 or 20 artists working away. Whichever artist happens to come open when it is your turn is who you get – and lo and behold, it’s always the SAME! We’ve decided this is no longer a coincidence. This lady is so sweet and loves the Lord. She remembers us and we strike up our conversation from the previous year as she draws. It’s also interesting to see the kids age in each year’s drawing. Sometime I will have to get them all out and look at the progression.


Santa is also there each year. The kids sit on his lap and tell them what they want and they take a polaroid of the moment. This year I was desperately trying to get all three to look at the camera so I was waving my arms wildly and sticking out my tongue. They finally all looked at this crazy lady making a fool out of herself (we Mom’s do what me must for the sake of the photo!) and right when they snapped the picture, Evely stuck her tongue back at me! This will be a funny memory.


My other pics didn’t turn out so well, but here is one of Tom and all the kids in front of the door going into the event.


More festivities to come. . .



4 responses to Another Year, Another Caricature!

  1. I do so love to see the caricatures each year. The thing that blew me away this year is how much Julian looks like Mike in this drawing.
    It sounds like you are having a ball with all the festivities. Cherish every minute they go by way to fast. Miss you all and have a wonderful CHRISTmas.

  2. You’re right! Julian always has looked a lot like Mike, I hadn’t noticed it in the picture till you said that.

  3. My two boys, age 16 and 18 still like going to the party. Of course, they don’t sit on Santa’s lap, or make crafts, but they enjoy the tradition of the party and then going to Crown Center. Steve did make the comment this year about how the Christmas tree in the Hyatt’s lobby looked smaller this year….

  4. Barb, that’s good to know! I hope that my kids still want to go when they are older too. Last year we went to Crown Center and Union Station to see the train display. It made the whole day so fun.

    The Christmas tree in the lobby is always so beautiful and the kids love the fountains. I think there favorite thing is the escalators!