Back in the Swing

May 27, 2009

Our Summer is in full swing with Baseball and T-ball games each week. It’s keeping us very busy and it is so much fun. Jaden is in T-ball this year and it is hilarious to watch the little ones running around the bases and hitting the ball off the tee. I’m glad that he is playing and meeting some kids that will be going into Kindergarten with him this Fall. Hopefully he will know a couple of kids in his class.


Julian is enjoying kid pitch this year which is a whole new ballgame – pardon the pun. It’s much more competitive and it stresses me out in a good way.



Somehow I think the kids favorite thing is the candy and sharing nachos. I’m going to go broke at the concession stand.



One response to Back in the Swing

  1. I love little boys in baseball uniforms. They look so darn cute!