Baseball. . .and the many uses of a cup.

May 22, 2007

Oh my goodness! It’s a new post. . .yeah, yeah, yeah!

School has officially let out for Summer break today and I will try to do better at blogging. I know many people are tired of pulling up the site to see nothing new. So here is a funny for your day. .

Julian has gotten his baseball season off to a good start. They just finished their third game last night and the team has one two of the games. They are a pretty good little team and each week I can see progress. He is really enjoying playing.

Here are some pics of his very first game. It was really fun to watch this new experience take place in his little life.

In the dugout.

Ready to swing.

This is my favorite! Isn’t he cute!

So here is the funniest thing about this day. . .

One thing we had to purchase to go with his uniform was a jock strap and cup. The night of the game Tom takes this strappy contraption out of the package and begins to show me the workings of it. I felt like I was having a bra explained to me for the first time. (I’ve never examined one of these). He explained the “jock” and the “cup” and how it snaps inside it’s cover. Quite fascinating. Tom sort of sighed this big sigh and said “Wow, this is like a right of passage! Come on Julian, let’s go to your room!” I had to laugh.

Then when he came out in his uniform – completely proud – he went around to the little ones and showed them how you could knock on his cup and hear it. I really laughed when I saw Evely knocking on Julian’s crotch.

When we got to the game it was hysterical. You could see that all these little boys were wearing something very foreign to them. They adjusted, knocked, tugged and held onto them! I can gladly report that now that they have completed their third game, they are settled into the feel for all their gear.


Another reason that I haven’t had time to blog is because my Mom and I had a quick one day garage sale. It amazingly takes a good week to prepare for those things! This one was sad because I got rid of my crib – forever. The crib that I remember like yesterday putting together with Tom. Yup, the crib that held all three of my babies. The same crib that each child moved out of to house a new one coming. Now it’s gone. . .forever. No more crib. . .forever. . .

Okay, you get the point! It was a hard moment to load that up in someone’s truck for a mere $50.00.

BUT, dear Evely has a new toddler bed. She loves it and it is so cute. That will be my next post, so stay tuned.

Anyway, while getting ready for the garage sale Tom yelled at me to get the camera and come see Evely’s new purse.

Here it is!

Can you make it out?

Yup, it’s the cup!

There are many uses for a good jock strap and cup and it serves nicely for a purse of a young lady getting into her car.



8 responses to Baseball. . .and the many uses of a cup.

  1. HA! I love those pictures of Evely :rotfl That’s going to be a fun story to tell when she is 16! Sometimes Chandler carries around a hot pink purse with his tools in it. Nothin’ says “manly” like a pink tool bag!

    You may have to come hold my hand when I have my garage sale in a few weeks. I’m already doubting that I’ll be brave enough to let go of my crib, stroller, carseat, nursing bras, etc. However, I’ll be VERY happy to get rid of the maternity clothes

  2. Hey, Thelma. . .love the name!! Hee Hee.

    You can do it!!! Call if you need me.

  3. “Got my jock and my jeep, let’s ride!”-Evely

  4. Very cute! I love the pic of Julian behind the fence. It’s a great shot. Did Evely have anything in her “purse”?

    I really love garage sales but I HATE having them. It seems like way too much work for too little cash. I must be lazy. I imagine it’s more fun if someone is helping you. I was more than happy to take a Suburban full of unwanted things to the Big X-Change at church. It only took an hour of my time. And I ended up with an item I love in exchange for it all. Maybe someday I’ll have a sale again. I hope though not to collect any junk in this house. My goal is only keeping things that are useful, beautiful or too sentimental to part with. I am not one to like a lot of stuff. However, when we moved I was completely shocked at how much there was when I started packing it up. I am glad we have Evely to pass clothes down to. I am rambling. . .

  5. How’s summer vacation going? Yesterday was rough here. There was so much bickering and bad attitudes. I was exhausted by the end of the day! I felt like a grouchy Mom laying the law down all day. I just want to have fun but they keep making me be a police officer, lawyer, judge and jury. I think I’m going to write down some scriptures and have a scripture a day. Fruits of the Spirit and Whatsoever things are lovely. . . etc. Maybe taking sugar out of their diets would help, too. I am sure today will be different. . . :banghead

  6. Once the GV pool is open I should just take them there each day. 😀

  7. Yikes! I’d hate to see the kind of currency one would carry around in that purse!

    Great pix, I especially like the expressions on the kids faces in that first one…priceless.

  8. Hey Jules – your first day of no school sounded a LOT like mine. It was terrible. Our fridge is still out and I had to meet Tom in town to pick out a new one – they are finally letting us trade this lemon out! I told him I was the worst mother the whole day. I was trying to make things fun and they were being HORRIBLE! SOOOO much fighting and the tattle-tailing – ewwwww.

    Today has been much better! It started well with them and has continued to be much better. We started our first memory verse today and they seemed excited about it. We made a list of fun “treats” they would like for rewards for learning. So I think they are on board with this.