Bass Pro vs. Cabella’s

March 6, 2007

Last Saturday we went for a little jaunt to visit the new Bass Pro Shop. We have enjoyed taking the kids to Cabella’s and thought we would venture out for another outdoorsmen experience.

Bass Pro is beautiful inside. I loved the entrance to the store as it superbly stated “Welcome all fisherman, hunters and other liars!” :) As you enter they have a huge fireplace with a roaring fire going, leather couches and old pictures of hunters, skins of animals, mounted fish and much more. It’s really neat to stop there for a few minutes.

We meandered to the waterfall/mountain area in the center of the store, that is the main attraction, to view the aquarium. That was where we were disappointed. It was a small wall that paled in comparison to Cabella’s walk through aquarium. The fish were pretty big but nothing too exciting. The kids enjoyed it though.


The mountain area around the aquarium has a waterfall and a lot of stuffed animals. They are mostly up high. This also didn’t compare to the animals and safari area of Cabella’s.

Here we are looking up at all the animals.


Bass Pro does have a really nice boating area. They have a deck built around several big pontoon boats so that you can walk in them and look around. That was fun. The kids enjoyed sitting in the boat seats and pretending to drive. Tom and I spent a few extra minutes on a $37,000 one that was a party barge. It would make a great party!! If any of you out there buy it, please add us to your guest list. We’ll even provide the BBQ!!

We sat on several ATV’s and dreamed of running through mud and fields.

To finish off our trip, Tom and Julian picked out some lures for Julian’s new tackle box. He loves to fish and is getting the bug already.


All in all, I would suggest Cabella’s over Bass Pro. You need to visit them both, but if you have kids they will prefer Cabella’s too. Everything seems a little bigger and better there. More stuffed animals that are much closer to see, bigger shooting game area, better aquariums and the list goes on.

It was an enjoyable day together with the fam which is always worthwhile. It’s a fun trip if you want to go somewhere new and browse.



5 responses to Bass Pro vs. Cabella’s

  1. I would have to say I agree. We also had a fun time with the kids at Bass Pro, but… time we will go to Cabella’s! I felt like that Bass Pro was put up in a huge hurry. It just didn’t seem to have much “atmosphere”…just not a lot to see or do.

    We missed out on the “roaring fire” part, because the day we went it was 74 degrees outside (3 days later it was 20 degrees…go figure)!!!! We did get to play on the boats outside though, so that was kinda fun too :-)

  2. Just last year they opened up a Cabelas in Glendale,which is a suburb of Phoenix, so I have been to both Bass Pro in Springfeild the year that we all went and then in Cabelas out here . I would have to agree that I too prefer the cabelas store.

  3. That’s right, we did all go to Bass Pro that year! I remember. . .

  4. I think as far as stuffed animals and fish Cabellas is better, but if your looking for good prices on sporting items it’s hard to beat Bass pro, especially if you go to the outlet store in Springfield.

  5. You really threw me when you said stuffed animals. I thought to myself, “How dumb to have stuffed animals sitting around a water fall. How cheesy!” It took me a few seconds to realize you meant taxidermy!

    We’ve taken a family outing to Cabellas. We really enjoyed the giant fish tanks. I doubt we’ll be going to Bass Pro. Thanks for saving us a trip! Low prices don’t mean anything to us; we don’t shop for sporting goods when we go. It’s purely for entertainment.