Be Careful What you Wish for. . .

August 8, 2006

For the last several months Julian has been asking for a cat. Tom and I have talked all along that we could see a dog in the future for us. Kids just can’t grow up without an animal to love, but we wanted to wait until Evely and Jaden were a little older. However, Julian kept talking about wanting a cat and had told Tom the other day that he was ready for a kitten and he wanted it to be all black.

Lo and behold, a few days after that conversation this little tiny malnourished kitten shows up under Tom’s truck. It ran away and the next day it was in our backyard. I lured the kitten up to the house with my baby kitty meows. (Perfected from days of “kitty whispering” on the farm as a kid. I could tame any wild kitten within a day if you gave me the time.) So within a matter of 3 days Julian was holding and loving “Maxy”. She is now our kitten. She is an “outside” cat – yeah right. You can see by all the pictures she makes it into the house.



Maxy is one of those kittens that the kids do anything to and she just lays there loving it. Evely carries her around by the head and Jaden just throws her over his shoulder and takes off. I think she is just appreciative of being saved from certain death if she had been left in the wild much longer.


She is now eating good and starting to fill out. She acts more playful and kitten-like now.

Julian always draws a picture after something meaningful happens in his life. Here’s his drawing of him and Maxy.

OH! And did you happen to notice what color this thing is? Hmmmm. . .just like she was ordered!



6 responses to Be Careful What you Wish for. . .

  1. Now I get to say “Jaden get that cat outside now” 20 times a night. :disgust

  2. Oh, Tom — you’re just jealous that you are no longer the furriest thing in the house! :rolleyes

  3. You’re tooooo funny Carissa!!! :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  4. Congratulations on your new edition. What a sweet kitty!

  5. Good one Carissa!! Maybe Tom needs to try out the Body Groom! Hehe!

    I couldn’t believe how tiny and small your sweet little kitten is. She will make a great pet for the kids. Strays make the best pets. They do seem to be much more appreciative animals.

    Congrats Julian. God certainly gave you the desire of your heart!