Becoming Three

October 7, 2006

Yesterday my adorable little 2 year old became THREE! I can’t believe how time has really flown by. He is growing up to be such a fun guy; the toddler times are melting away from his features and body and he really is a full blown “little boy”.


He likes to make people laugh, he is sensitive and tender hearted yet very LOUD, too. He likes to please and so far doesn’t require a lot of discipline. He loves Thomas the train, trains and cars and is beginning to enjoy superhero’s too. He is a joy to have in our family!

We revved up the festivities with the D family at the local Chuck E. Cheese! The kids had a blast and so did our men. James got going on the skee ball and after several “jackpots” we cashed out with over 1,000 tickets! The kids got those all day rainbow suckers and necklaces.

We stood back and laughed at how we couples have “grown” over the years!




After visiting Chuck E. and filling up on pizza, we came home and had cupcakes and opened gifts.


Jaden cleaned up on Thomas gifts! His favorite.

My good friend, Jules, always takes a picture with her kids on their birthdays. I think it is such a great idea to see them grow and change. Plus, we mommies did have something to do with these little sweeties being here! So here is picture of me and Jaden on his special day.



A couple days ago, Tom’s folks came over to bring Jaden his gift. One thing was Superman pj’s. The heroes cracked me up as Julian began to verse Jaden on how to be a true superdude.

He showed him how to stand just right, where to put his hands on his hips, how to stick out your chest

and of course, how to fly!




11 responses to Becoming Three

  1. It’s pretty wild that the four of us multiplied and became eleven! I can’t believe I was barely twenty years old when we met!

    We had a great time celebrating little Jaden with all of you. He is a cutie pie! Happy Birthday, Jaden!!

    Thanks for treating us to Chuck E Cheese!

  2. Oh, and I LOVE the superhero training. Julian is a good mentor for Jaden!!!

  3. Sorry, Megan, your post accidentally got deleted. I had about 30 spam posts and just got to plunking away deleting them and yours was in there too!

    Yes, Jaden is just cute! He loves his Thomas stuff. Sometimes during the week he will tell me “I gonna tell Megan this.”

  4. Happy Birthday, Super-Jaden!!!! :birthday

    I hope dad shared all those tickets and didn’t hoard them for himself.

  5. So, who really had more fun at Chuck E. Cheese? Looks like the “big” boys had A LOT of fun. I always want to play the games when I go there, but somehow I never get too. Some day………

  6. Karen looks hot.

  7. Happy belated birthday to Jaden. I love the two boys in their Superman PJs.

    Yes, Karen you do look mighty cute!

  8. Oh my. . .!!! :oops :oops :oops :oops

  9. Yes, Karen. You look very pretty.

    They said on Good Morning America this morning that only 2 percent of women in the world think they are beautiful. Isn’t that sad?

  10. That is sad!

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