Big Day, March 1st!

March 1, 2006

Tomorrow is Mom’s last chemo treatment! She really dreads it just because in her mind she is soooo completely DONE with it. However, she is keeping up a great attitude and is so very thankful this is the last one!

She has really come a long way since September. She is excited to get on with healing and feeling better once all this chemo wears off.

Pray again that the side affects will be very minimal for her on this last treatment. That is the part she dreads so much.

Thank you all for praying!!!



6 responses to Big Day, March 1st!

  1. Hope to see you tomorrow. I am praying.

  2. I am thinking about you, Judy, and praying for you.

  3. Hey, Sis, we are all praying and cheering you on. You have run soooo far in the past few months, and that final lap is almost here. You can do it and then have this behind you. “A New Beginning”. Just keep thinking those words over in my mind and spirit. God is the God of new beginnings and He is ushering you into one!

  4. Oh, Karen, I just read the time you posted this mail. What were you doing up at that hour??? That is the hour to sleep—–right?

  5. I’m so glad for her that it will be over and pray for the side effects to be no big deal, for her recovery to be supernaturally fast, and for her joy to be overflowing after its all done!

  6. Thanks everyone! I will pass on your thoughts to Mom. I just talked to her a little bit ago. Her tongue is thick because of the pre-medication they give her before the actual chemo starts.

    She said that the Dr. talked very positively of where she was. He said she looked great and had come through this remarkably well! He was very pleased. They will do a scan in 4 weeks and also more blood work. Then she will have to see him every month for the next year (I think a year). On occasion she will have her porta cath flushed to keep it clean. (That’s the port in her chest that they give her the chemo in.)

    Aunt C – You will be glad to know that I was not up at that time posting!! I don’t know where that time came from. I’ll have to check that out. I posted it about 10:00 at night. I have been known to get up and do stuff in the middle of the night but my kids are all sleeping through the night pretty much!! Yeah!