Birth Celebrations

March 30, 2009

This was such a busy weekend for our family. The sad and happy all at the same time. My Uncle Harold passed away last week and Friday we attended his funeral. Though sad, it was also a celebration of his home going to Heaven. It was so nice to see my family together and it’s too bad that we wait till funerals to get together.

This weekend was also Julian’s 9th birthday and my brother, Michael’s ….well, his birthday too. I won’t announce his aged-ness to the world. I will say that he is OLDER than myself! 😉

Saturday we had a birthday plan to take Julian and some school buddies to see the new Monster Vs. Aliens movie and then back here for pizza and cake. However, as we watched the weather all day Friday it was obvious that the plan would have to change. When we heard that we could get up to 10 inches of snow Saturday morning, we decided to have all the boys come over and play in the snow. That would be fun! So Saturday morning we awoke to a grass covered earth outside and no snow in sight….hmmm. The sleet started around 10:00 am and we just had a fun indoor party here.

Julian got some speed stack cups from my parents for his Birthday and the other boys brought some over and had some competitions. It was a great indoor game.


We got Julian a new bike and it was a hit.

Eatin’ pizza. Despite all the plan changes, it was a success.

Mike came down for the funeral and his birthday as well. We went to Mom’s Saturday night for more cake and celebrating.


Happy Birthday, Mike! It was great to be together on your special day.


Sunday was met with more celebrations with the family. More pizza at Mazzios..

Then on to Grandma’s for MORE cake and ice cream…



All three of the kids were surprised with scooter’s! They had a ball rolling all over the driveway. Even some of the adults showed us how it was done. Go Mary Kay!!


Even though this looks like a gorgeous Spring day, a few hours earlier the ground had been covered with several inches of snow. What was left in the yard ended up on Daniel and Jonathan.

That was more than a snowball!

Thanks to all the family for all the gifts and just being together. I enjoy my family so much and I am thankful for their love, support and encouragement.


Another very special moment was that Evely asked Jesus to be her Savior last night. It will be easy to remember since it happened on Julian’s birthday.



Here are a couple of pictures of her yesterday. She is a very sweet, fun-loving little girl. She began to ask me a lot of questions last night about life and death, being afraid and about Jesus. She said she was ready to ask Jesus to come inside her but she just “needed some help”. So I was honored and humbled to pray with my daughter.

A truly memorable day!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14



3 responses to Birth Celebrations

  1. Happy birthday, Julian and Mike! And happy Re-birth day, Evely! What wonderful news.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mike! :mrgreen:

    Julian, it looks like you had a great party! 8)

    Congrats, Evely! Jesus loves you! 😛

  3. Happy Birthday, Julian! Looks like everyone had a great time. Sounds like things are fun and fast-paced at your place these days. Never a dull moment with these little kids, huh. We were also going to go to Monsters vs. Aliens last weekend, but decided to wait due to the weather. Looks like we will be trying the movies THIS weekend :-)

    Evely…what a sweet moment! Congrats!