Birthday Catch -Up

April 9, 2008

We have been very busy celebrating birthdays and stuff and I just haven’t seen the time to sit down and blog. So this is catch-up time.

We celebrated Julian’s EIGHTH birthday the end of March. I can’t believe he’s eight! I know I say that every year, but I still can’t believe it. He had friends over and we took them to Tunnel Voyage for an afternoon of adventure and they had a great time.


Okay, T, here is the pic of me and Julian.

Then back home for pizza, dessert and present opening.

Here is a picture of Jaden’s tonsils and the cupcakes that Julian ordered.

Here’s a funny story. ..
I asked Julian for about a week before his birthday what sort of cake he wanted. Did he want cupcakes or a big cake, what flavor, what kind of icing, and did he want a “theme”. He deliberated for a while and then told me he wanted chocolate cupcakes with some white and some pink icing with sprinkles. So that is what we made. However the night of his party he didn’t want any cake! (Therefore no candle blowing pics!) I kept offering them to him for a few days with leftovers but he never wanted one. I was puzzled.

A few days later I asked him why he never had any of his birthday cake. He said “Well…I don’t really like cake that well and I just thought those kind would be a great treat for everyone else!” Awwww….

So I told him that next year on his birthday I want him to pick whatever sort of dessert he wants. He couldn’t believe that. “You mean any kind of dessert?” I told him it could be brownies or cake or ice cream cake or pie…


Yup, pumpkin pie! I just thought that was sooo funny. I didn’t even know he liked pumpkin pie. So when Tom’s birthday rolled around and Tom ordered his Pie (he never orders cake either) I got Julian a pumpkin pie.

Here’s a picture of the big birthday boy. We celebrated his birthday with friends on Friday evening and then Sunday we went out with my parents to Outback. That is where this picture was taken. It was a fun weekend!

He’s such a great hubby! I love you, Hon!



11 responses to Birthday Catch -Up

  1. Happy Birthday, Tom and Julian!!

    I love the pumpkin pie story! Lydia wants rice krispy treats instead of cake.

    It’s only appropriate that there are webkinz in your pic!!!!!! Jessica has quite a few now!

  2. Zac loves pumpkin pie as well! How fun! Happy birthday to you both!

  3. Where is the birthday picture of YOU and Julian? I always love seeing the birthday picture with “mom”. I’m with the guys, I always want cobbler. Ron and I even had peach cobbler when we got married instead of cake. Carolyn offered to make us a cake and I voted for the cobbler. It was quite funny us feeding each other cobbler instead of cake. Since then it has always been a joke between us.
    Miss you all!

  4. All I know is Tom really is looking very mature, I wonder if he is acting mature as well???

  5. I’ve missed reading your blogs! Glad you had time to throw one up.
    Looks like the kids had fun, although the kid on the far left looks rather dangerous with his “set claiming” gang signs. But Julian on the other hands seems to be professing his allegiance to the, “how many fingers am I holding up gang”, not particularly dangerous in the mid-west but lethal among a certain sect of ophthalmology school rejects. I’m sure just something he saw on t.v. 😉 The kid next to him looks a little tense.

    Great pic of you and Tom BTW.

  6. Wow! It was nice to have been gone for awhile and then have all of you show up and post right away! Thanks!! I feel missed.

    T~ I didn’t add a picture of me and Julian because, well…my , um,….self looked really funny in the pictures! I did crop them down and added one for your viewing pleasure. The cobbler idea sound YUMMY! I love cobbler.

    Steph~ Good to hear from you! I can’t believe kids like pumpkin pie. Must be a “Batt” trait on the boys side or something. I always hated pumpkin pie so I can’t imagine wanting that for my birthday.

  7. Kenny – I don’t know…what do you think? Does Tom act mature to you?

    Hey Ro -Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, I thought the kids gestures were….well, funny. I think Julian gets his from Tom.

  8. Thanks for the picture of you and Julian. You look absolutely beautiful! Ronnie’s favorite is CHERRY. He likes pumpkin o.k but it’s CHERRY, CHERRY, CHERRY. So guess it didn’t pass down to all the boys. I feel so bad for Julian and his shiner but yes it is a right of passage.

  9. T –

    I am with Ron ! I love CHERRY, CHERRY, CHERRY!!!! Come up to Missouri and I’ll make you a homemade pie.

    We miss you guys!

  10. I wish we could make the trip this year but just don’t see how we can. We also miss everyone so much too. You come our way and I’ll make you the CHERRY pie.

  11. Okay, deal! I don’t know when it will be….but I’ll hold you to that one!