Birthday War

October 9, 2012

Jaden picked Dirt Cake and created a lego scene on the top.

This weekend we celebrated Jaden’s 9th big mile marker of his life. Boy, does time fly by! I love looking back over the years and pictures of Jaden growth and change. Throughout all of his life he has a constant: his smile and his awesome set of lungs! We called him Mr. Smiles as a baby and he still has that great grin and hilarious humor that we love. His set of lungs is his trade mark. He came out of the womb hurting our ears with that loud cry and even today he can out talk, out scream, out whisper anyone in a building. A few months ago the boys were looking at the meanings of their names and Julian cracked up at Jaden’s. His name means “God has heard”. Julian laughed and said “you were named correctly! Even God knows you are loud and can hear you!”

Jaden has such a great imagination and spends hours on his lego creations. He has a mind that never stops and can remember dates and times better than the rest of us. He asks the most interesting questions and has a sweet tooth that can out-eat his Daddy’s. I just love this little guy!

He had a few friends over for his special day and here are some highlights. It was a nerf war party!



Boys at War!

IMG_5219 (2)



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  1. They all look quite dangerous!