Boardgame Blues

November 6, 2007

I am sure that the makers of board games sit around their board room tables and relish the fact that millions of homes will turn off their televisions, put down the video games and actually communicate over their product. They excitedly dream of the revenues piling in while promoting family time among the general public.

Needless to say, whenever those loved boardgames are brought out of the closet and placed upon my carpet to begin family frivolity and memory making. . .all hell breaks loose. The games are never played as they should be – or rarely. The pieces and cards are flung and ricocheted all over the house nevermore to be found until the furniture is moved. It is abnormal if a fight doesn’t break out! Yes, I thank the board game makers every time this happens.

Tonight was another night of family unity as we dusted off the Candy Land game for an evening of delight and delicacy as we looked at the lovely board graced with deliciousness. What could be better!

I left the room to pop a bowl of popcorn and upon my return I discovered the happy children of my home had turned Candy Land into WWF right there on the floor of the living room. Each of them was contorting their bodies trying to get as many of the cards under their body as possible. Evely seemed to be winning until Jaden sat up and snatched a handful of her cards right out from under her. Then the war of words ensued. Each precious child edging closer and closer to the other, noses and lips formed into snarls. Eyes flashed with scorn and hatred at the other. It was a sight to behold.

Jaden: “Evely, get off of me!”

Evely: “I’m not on you. You took my cards!”

Jaden: “No, I didn’t!”

Evely: “Give them back!”

Jaden: “NO!” Then he purses up his lips and begins to BLOW on her head as hard as he can. The irritation hit it’s peak and Evely screams at him in the most hateful voice she can muster. . .

Evely: “I’m Not A CAKE!!”

Julian and I just CRACKED UP!!!

Only from a two-year old brain. . .



8 responses to Boardgame Blues

  1. Heh-heh-heh sorry I missed out on that one hon. At least it ended with a laugh.

  2. Evely is so cute! This is pretty funny; actually I was just on my way down to the comments box to ask where Tom was in this pile. And now I see he wasn’t even there to instigate! See you tonight?

  3. Miss you? Karen we will cry, all of us. I understand but I hope your plans change. xoxoxo

  4. Living intentionally–I like that, Karen, thanks. I shall remember that. I haven’t been in the habit of doing that and I hate that I have to buckle down now, but then again, that’s what got me thinking about others like I am right now. I guess there’s no denying that’s God. And for certain it is all for His glory, I need to trust.

    You were amazing up there at the mic last Sunday, girl. You have a future in church reading and stuff. Wow! When you said “Will you pray with me?”, it was a very touching moment, very sincere.

  5. I love her cake analogy!

  6. That’s so cute!!!! I love it. You’ll always remember that one.

    When Anjelia put on her first jacket this fall season, she was messing with the hood and said, “Look Mama, it has a head coat.” So cute!

    The harder we try to make special moments the worse the moments are. The best family moments for me seem to be the unplanned ones.

  7. I feel normal again…

  8. Ah Candyland. I remember our best friends having that game when we were kids and my brother and I playing it with them. In a no doubt similar moment of rage, the one really bad card…can’t remember what it was but it was the one you didn’t want to get, was wrinkled, so it was always obvious when it was coming up and who was going to get it. Made for some true whining sessions. Those same friends did the same thing to the Old Maid card in their Old Maid card set. It took some really good card trickery to hide the damage on that card so that someone would pick it from you.