Brotherly Love

June 10, 2006

“Dear God, thank you so much for Evely. She is so cute and I love her SO MUCH more than Jaden!”

I laughed hysterically as Julian’s Sunday School teacher relayed his prayer to me from that morning. She later asked him about his thoughts on his siblings and he stated emphatically, “Oh yes, Jaden drives me crazy and we fight all the time.”


I had watched, intervened, yelled, separated and completely grown sick of the fighting. They had been at it for days! Then two days after Julian prayed his little prayer Jaden had a big wipe out on the sidewalk and skinned his knees pretty badly. It was amazing how Julian came to his rescue and from then till now, he has changed his tune about his annoying little brother.

It may not last too long, but I am completely enjoying the peace while it lasts!



5 responses to Brotherly Love

  1. Awwww….how precious. Big brother to the rescue!!!

  2. As someone with 5 sisters, I can relate. We always got along real good, but I can remember when one of us got hurt, we were even more so atuned to our feelings for each other. 😀

  3. All four of my girls fight often and get on each other’s nerves real bad. It is the most exhausting part of my job as mom. On the other hand, they can be so sweet and selfless toward one another when it really counts.

    I adore these pictures. I keep admiring them. All your kids are dolls and no doubt unique and gifted. You’re doing a bang up job as a mama!

  4. awww thanks, Jules! It’s so nice to hear that on occasion. You are doing great with your crew too. The girls are growing into such nice young women.

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