November 6, 2006

I was pleasantly surprised when my lovely sister-in-law emailed today to say she was having “blog withdrawal”. She wondered if I was so busy that I wasn’t blogging. So, all of you out there that read this regularly, I am sorry that it’s been awhile. I have been really busy! We have had all the Halloween fun, put together a very last minute garage sale and then spent the weekend painting my living room and hallway! Whew. . . glad it’s over.

Here are some pics of the Halloween fun we had with the kids.


Punkin’ Carvin’!!

I’m not sure where Julian went. . .He was there but missed the pictures.

Tom and I had the job of carving. The kids tried their hand at scooping the gooey out of the center. Jaden really helped by piling all the seeds back in the pumpkin after we would scoop them out. He didn’t seem to get the fact that we didn’t want them in there.

Julian wanted the scariest face he could find. Jaden wanted the funniest, he called his “my funny cat”.

The final product! Pretty good for amateurs. I bought one of those pumpkin carving kids for $2.00 at Walmart – what a great purchase! If you don’t have one, it’s a MUST with carving!


Trick or Treat!

Spiderman, Superman and the Pink Poodle take on the evening. Evely hated her curly costume at first but finally got used to it.

Trick or treating Uncle Kenny’s house. Grandma and Grandpa were there to greet the motley crew.

This year they had the experience of going door to door here in our little hometown too. They only lasted a few houses because it was FREEZING!

Then we ended the evening by stopping at Mamo and Boocoo’s (that’s what they call my parent’s).

Checking out the goodies! They had quite a pile and we still have lots of candy.



6 responses to Busy!

  1. Cute pics!!! We ‘ll have to get one of those carving gadgets!

    My kids started out with a bunch of candy too but. . . somehow
    at naptime when the big kids are at school and annie’s at pre-school
    and Kai is napping. . . . . well, I just can’t help myself!!!
    The chocolate screams my name!!!!!

  2. Hee Hee, I’m sure it does! Lucky for me I’m a salt queen. If they were given bags of salty snacks I’d be in water retention heaven!

    Did you sell your house??

  3. Well, it’s about time! Just Kidding :rotfl I’ve been known to go a LONG time without an update on my blog, so I’ll let this one slip 😉

    Painting must have been fun! I just love a freshly painted room…there is nothing like it. Can I have some of Tom’s “fix it” energy over at my place? I have a “honey-do” list that is a mile long & a “honey” that HATES home projects (or at least finishing them in ONE weekend…give him 6 months and that room will get painted!). I’d give my left arm to have my bedroom painted or my deck sealed. I suppose those kinds of things will get done when we go to sell this house :rolleyes. Can’t wait to see your new living room!

  4. Well, Amber, maybe after your dear hubby helps Tom with my beadboard this weekend Tom can return the favor over at your place. Sometimes having someone help you can get the motivation going.

    Yeah, you guys will have to come over. Maybe Sat. night you could bring all the chillins out to see the finished product!! I am hopeful that it will be done then. We went out and bought the beadboard last night, now it just needs to be painted.

  5. Happy painting!

  6. The kids are absolutely adorable!!!!!