Can you say “Klutz”?

September 8, 2006

grace‧ful  – Show Spelled Pronunciation[greys-fuhl]
characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech; elegant: a graceful dancer; a graceful reply.


klutz  – Show Spelled Pronunciation[kluhts]
–noun Slang.
1.a clumsy, awkward person.


Allow me to paint a beautiful picture for your mind to grasp. . .

Tom and I, with Jaden and Evely in tow, visited out local El Maguy tonight for a mediocre feast of Mexican fare. When we got there Jaden had fallen asleep which meant he would sleep through dinner and save us the $2.00 for another cheese quesedilla. When he is out – he is OUT! So I carry him in and they seat us at a table for four. They brought the highchair and sat it on the opposite side of the table from where I was seated and Tom put Evely in it. I decided the best thing for me to do was to slide over to the chair sitting next to me so that I can be nearer to Evely. I lift my butt off my chair slightly and plan to slide gracefully over to the next chair (Remember I am holding Jaden’s dead sleepy weight on my shoulder). As my fanny hits the next chair instead of planting itself onto the seat it scoots the chair aside and I being already in mid-sit fall flat to the floor continuing to hold Jaden!! His weight on my shoulder continue to push me back onto the floor and I am horrified to see my feet leaving the floor and beginning to rise over my head!

The place is absolutely packed out and in the whole two seconds that it took my flailing body to land on the floor I had a slew of thoughts go through my head. Ones like “Crap, I’m doing it again! Oh, this one is going to leave a mark! How many people are seeing this? How do I go on and eat a normal dinner after this one? Why does Tom have that stupid look on his face and he isn’t even moving?! Is Jaden going to get hurt? Will I even be able to get up?”

Well, All the answers came very quickly. The whole restaurant looked on and I heard the whispers of “Oh my that lady fell down with that baby!” Tom just started giggling and saying “are you okay?”. He takes Jaden from me – who is now crying from being startled out of a nice sleep by landing on the cold floor of a restaurant – good thing I padded his fall! I see several mexican faces hovering around with anxious looks on their faces. The people next to us are having a nice chuckle over my conversation with Tom about my butt and how much it hurts.

This is one moment in my life that seems to continue over and over. I truly am a klutz. I think falling down runs in my family or something.



10 responses to Can you say “Klutz”?

  1. You’re in welcome company…as my dear wife would attest to! :rotfl

  2. Funny Karen!!!! As you know I understand all too well the horror of public humiliation! This one was a doozy. Doozy is actually a word. I just looked it up. That’s a good scrabble word!

    You know how I hit my head ALL the time. James heard me cry out in pain the other day and said, “You hit your head again didn’t you?”

  3. Does Mary fall down a lot?

    Jules you happened to be the first person I thought of when I picked myself up totally mortified. I knew that you would understand what I was feeling at that moment. I’m sorry that you would understand so well. . .ha ha!

  4. :oops
    Karen we still luv ya… I have had a couple of moments like that. Maybe we are too graceful…..


  5. You’re right, Kandi – I am just TOO graceful and it makes me look klutzy!!! :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  6. Glad you are ok, out in AZ when that would people would have to ask each other “wonder how many margaritas she had tonight?” ha ha.

  7. Yeah, Ron and I didn’t even have that excuse!!

    How are you guys doing? It’s good to hear from you! Say “hi” to T. :flowers

  8. Karen you should be a writer. You really did a good job of describing your situation to a tee. So funny :rotfl I do hope your not sore or hurt bad.

  9. Thank you, Marlis! One of my life long dreams is to someday actually write. This is a small outlet for me, but I don’t do any kind of justice to my writing on here. It’s always really hurried and “thrown together”. I really appreciate your comment!!

    I am not nearly as sore as I thought. I really thought I would have to go to the chiropractor. I’ve been stretching everyday and doing some walking. I think that has helped tremendously.

  10. You are a very good writer, Karen. I think you’ll write a devotional someday.