Catch of the Day!

June 21, 2006

Sorry about the two posts in one day. I’m trying to catch up. I have to share Julian’s adventure of the day. He is turning into quite the fisherman! Grandma and Grandpa picked him up this morning to go on a fishing adventure. Around noon they called to say they were on their way home and to have the camera ready.

Julian’s “whale”. That’s what Jaden called it.

The worm that caught the whale

Look, it’s 1/2 as big as me!

Julian got to watch Grandma and Grandpa clean the fish. He wants to eat it.

It was funny, today he told a few people on the phone that he had caught this big fish. When he told his Daddy he started by saying “Hey Dad, you are gonna be so proud of me. . .” It’s true that little boys look for the approval of their Fathers; I saw this today with my 6 year old son. I’m so glad that he has Tom and that he will feel the pride of his daddy!!



10 responses to Catch of the Day!

  1. WOW Julian, that is a big BLUE or is it a Flathead? What ever, that is a really nice catch. I have’nt been fishin for awhile, but this makes me want to get down to the dock and throw out a treble hook with a little stink bait on it.

  2. A little fumunda cheese works well.

  3. Wow Julian! That is one big catfish. . .er WHALE!!! That fish probably seems like the size of a whale to your little brother!!! Good job! I used to clean my own fish when I was an older kid! Won’t be long and you’ll be old enough to do it yourself too! Just keep watching Grandpa.

  4. Oh, my…how did you pull that in, Julian? Did he taste good? :p

  5. I’ve never heard of Fumunda cheese. Or is this a joke for me to bite on?

  6. Good night! That fish is as big as he is! Way to go J-man!!!

  7. I…um, yeah it’s kind of a joke. You get this cheese ‘frum undah’. Like toenails, bellybuttons, etc. It’s sophomore humor I know but I tend to get my best stuff from those years.

  8. Tom, you win, I FIGURED IT WAS A JOKE. :fish, that’s OK, I’ll use it for my senior years. :rotfl

  9. Wowser! What a big fish. How did it taste to Mr. Julian?

  10. Well, Mama still has to fix it. I’ll let you all know. . .