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Ode to a Snickers

May 19, 2010

Snicker Pie the Pucker Poo

When weighing the decision of adding a puppy to our home
The thoughts were always so similar
Happy romps in the yard, long walks on a leash and a friend who would stay put and not roam.

So off to the pound to pick out a pooch our hopes were oh so high
A little puppy dog with eyes of brown gold
Floppy ears, a curly tail and a personality that fit with our family just right.

Home came the Snickers and our trials began to appear
For the dog is work and the care never ends
bathing and feeding, training and treats, muddy paws, munched toys, paper shredded, Oh dear!

On occasion this friend of man runs to the neighbor next door
To eat the horse poo and roll it in it with glee
Back home he comes to screaming children and the chagrin of all and will probably throw it up on my floor.

So why do I love this Snickers, this thing of a dog
For he does nothing for himself
Except to be himself; happy, dirty, loving and kind. Sits on my lap and licks my wounds, lifts my spirits out of a bog.

He brings nothing to our home but work it seems
a mangy mutt that wants to please
Bringing his ball, his rope, his love. To sleep with the boys and to rule the house if he deems.

So how did he sneak himself into my soul
That I find I sit and look at him
Always stop to pat him, talk to him and stroke. For he truly is a friend, a constant companion that has completed our family, making it whole.

I paws….

Thoughts collected.

This must be what I am like to my Savior, no less
Adopted only by His grace
I bring nothing except only me; a girl who can tend to pout, chasing the frivolous, and left to myself always makes a mess.

Yet He delights in me and knows me
Always bringing me back
Sitting me on His Holy knees, kissing boo boos, wiping tears, scrubbing dirty spots and the continual training for what I will one day be.

Okay, I’m curious at what new little nuance did you learn today. We really do learn new things everyday and we don’t even realize it. I am trying to take note of new things that hit my brain and make a new connection these days. Probably because they seem to be less and less the older I get!

So…today I learned that you can take the knobs off the stove!!! Did you know this? You can pull the burner knobs right off and wash them. This makes for easy cleanup around the knobs where all the messy fingers and food get splashed. I learned this thanks to my friend Jules! So thanks Jules for having your knobs off your stove today. I came right home, pulled them off and enjoyed cleaning that mess. No more trying to get a rag around and behind those silly things!

Another thing I am learning is this…and it’s because of my tongue situation (check out my previous post if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

James 1:19 (message version) “Post this to all intersections, dear friends: Lead with your ears, follow up with your tongue, and let anger straggle along in the rear.”

I think my life is so much of the time characterized by the complete opposite of the above. I let something tick me off or annoy me, then I follow it up with my tongue yelling and yapping and then later I might listen. Actually I probably never listened at all.

For some reason I think that it is no accident that I am starting 2008 with a mouth full of sores, full of pain and having to quit talking! My mouth really does feel so much better when I keep it shut. I also am learning the art of listening, sizing up situations and learning the most effective and brief words to use to dissolve kid spats, conversations and meaningful moments of love. This has been painfully good for me!

So tell me something YOU learned today…anything…no matter how silly!

I hope all of your Christmas festivities were a joy for you this year! Ours were. I’m still cleaning up boxes and paper and bows. Where do they hide? The kids are thoroughly enjoying all the new gifts and things they received from all of you that love to spoil them. Thank you everyone!

Now that Christmas is past, I am starting to mull over in my mind the New Year and what it holds. This last year I have been contemplating being “intentional” with my life. There is a program on the radio that talks about The Intentional Life that has given me a lot of thought-provoking moments. They talk about actually acting on all those things that you would like to see different or better by doing small intentional steps to that direction. So I am hoping to make some new resolutions that will help me to be more intentional.

I love clean slates, new journals, start-over’s and a new year. It always feels so good to start on something new, doesn’t it? So this year I am going to try something called Miracle Word. You may have seen the link on the right side of my blog. Let me tell you a little bit about it.


This is a new website that our church has started but it is not a “churchy” sort of thing. This is for everyone – all over the world to be a part of. We are going to read through the Bible together this year in a version that is very readable – preferably The Message (a paraphrase that is the language of our common day and very understandable). You can access the website, look at the reading for that day, read and then comment with others in the Forums about your questions or what you are reading. This is going to be very interesting and I am looking forward to being a part of it. Even if you miss a day or a week, you can always just pick up on the day that you start back in.

I know that at different times I have resolved to read the Bible through in a year and I must say – I never have. So once again, I’m going to try. Maybe you are out there and just would like to even know what Scripture is about and what it really says – give it a try.

Feel free to check out the forums and familiarize yourself with the website. Maybe I will see you on there. It’s gonna be fun!

So what are your New Years Resolutions for 2008?

Winter Wonderland

December 13, 2007

The past two weeks I feel like time has stopped. My ball that was steadily rolling along toward holiday preparations came to a great big stop. After the whole family came down with the stomach crud, days of cleaning up puke and poop in all parts of the house, it started to snow…and then it began to rain and freeze! Programs have been cancelled and school too. Yup, it’s winter before the actual winter solstice has happened this year.


I must say that even though I have felt a little cooped up, sick and frustrated I am extremely thankful that we are all safe and sound. We have a warm house and didn’t lose our power. I’m thankful for this season, for the wonder in the kids’ eyes as they talk about the coming Christmas, for kid’s programs and hearing Evely sing Jingle Bells for the thousandth time. I’m also very thankful that everyone is back to being healthy again!


I ventured out yesterday to capture some of the extreme winter beauty that is lying around our home. It is truly phenomenal that each season brings such amazement with it. Even though our street is a an ice rink and this time of year can be treacherous, there is still wonder at the incredible creativity that God has. His imagination is incomprehendable! Only a God that can do these things is worthy of our worship.


I love this pic. I took it over at my Mom’s house when the weather first started. They have this great birdfeeder right outside their dining room window and the birds just flock to it. The kids enjoy putting up the shades and watching the variety of fowl that come and dine there.


And no one can escape from God.
Wild animals take shelter,
crawling into their dens,
When blizzards roar out of the north
and freezing rain crusts the land.
It’s God’s breath that forms the ice,
it’s God’s breath that turns lakes and rivers solid.
And yes, it’s God who fills clouds with rainwater
and hurls lightning from them every which way.
He puts them through their paces—first this way, then that—
commands them to do what he says all over the world.
Whether for discipline or grace or extravagant love,
he makes sure they make their mark.
~from Job 37 The Message

Snow Covered Spring

March 21, 2006

Job 37:5-7
God thunders marvelously with His voice; He does great things which we cannot comprehend.
For He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth’; Likewise to the gentle rain and the heavy rain of His strength. He seals the hand of every man, That all men may know His work.

According to the calendar, it is officially Spring! I welcome it with open arms. I’m so ready for warm days and putting all the coats back in the closet. Yet winter visited us yet once again and I am thoroughly enjoying it’s beauty today! I was actually hoping for a few inches that would give us a snow day but only a dusting fell in our part of the area. I took some pictures of it and thought I would share them with you.


How great is our God!


His work is known throughout His creation!


It screams of his good pleasure. . .


And His awesome creativity!

Selah. . .

Another Crumb about Faith

November 23, 2005

I hope that your turkey day is filled with warmth from family, friends, good food and a heart filled with gratitude.

I know of so many years that I have went through the Thanksgiving holiday with no real thoughts of what I had to be thankful for. I think as my meager faith grows I view thankfulness in a different way. I realize that everything that I have comes from the hand of God. His blessings abound in my life as I look around at my family, my little children and most of all the great salvation that God, in His mercy, has extended to me and I must praise Him.

I heard an awesome quote this week. Adrian Rogers, a great preacher, passed away this last week and they played pieces of his memorial service on Focus on the Family. I caught a small portion of it as his successor was reading quotes that he gave. This one really struck me and has stuck in my mind this week as I have pondered thankfulness.

Faith is praise turned inside-out!

I really love that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Thanks for being a part of my life. I am thankful for you.

The Verdict is In. . .

November 9, 2005

I know that you have all been waiting in suspense for the outcome of my ticket, so here it is.

When I arrived at the courtroom, it was full. I sat down and waited while the judge explained how the evening would progress. He would take all the plea bargain cases that were represented by the lawyers followed by requests for continuance. Then the guilty pleas – that’s me, and finally all the not-guilty pleas.

When the guilty pleas came up, I headed over to the table where you told the officer your name, he would pull out your paper work and then you would take it to the judge. He would state the charge and you would plead guilty. He asked everyone to state their reason for the charge and gave a chance to defend yourself.

When I got to the table, I gave the officer my name and he rifled through all the envelopes but couldn’t find mine. So he had me sit down next to him and went and told the lady beside the judge that my paperwork was not there. She went back to the prosecutors office to locate my paperwork. After a considerable amount of time had passed she came back and told me to have a seat in the courtroom with all the other people that were waiting.

Everyone was done and the not-guilty pleas were about to begin and there I sat wondering what in the world was going on. Pretty soon the prosecutor came and got me and took me to his office. I sat down and he began to explain that an officer from up North had called and asked that the charges be dismissed. He said evidently I had helped this officer with something and he wanted them to consider dropping the charge. He told me the Chief of Police was not there that night and he could either wait to ask him or just drop the charge. He decided to drop the charge!!!!

I left a free woman, no points, no fines, no driving school. NO NOTHING!!!!

How is that for an All-powerful, Loving, Caring, Just and Awesome Advocate!!! He was with me! He went before me, He hemmed me in from behind. His name is a strong tower and the righteous can run into it and be safe!! I praise HIS name for being my advocate tonight!

What do you think of that!!??

Lord, Have Mercy!!

November 7, 2005

This is an embarassing admition from me, but I’m going to write about this anyway.

Right about the time we found out about Mom’s cancer, I was on my way home from their house. I had two fussy, tired kids and was trying to get home quickly. I was headed up Bynum in L.J. and got to the top of the hill only to be met by Officer Friendly himself. I was even fortunate to see his pretty lights come on and saw him point my direction to pull over. So I did. I knew that I was going over the posted speed limit of 25.

He told me he clocked me going 48!!!!! I can honestly say that I was speeding, but I was NOT going 48. The baby was crying, I was worn out and I just didn’t argue and graciously accepted my little yellow ticket and said “I’m sorry.”



Needless to say I have been staring at this ticket on my fridge for two months now. Tomorrow is the big court day. Tom had all along wanted me to get a lawyer so that it doesn’t go on my record, my insurance and have a hefty fine. However, I have felt as though this were a test of my faith.

Let me explain. . .
Now, I am known to overspiritualize everything in my life, but I just really felt this down deep. I know that the Word says that Jesus resides with me. He is my advocate in heaven. He intercedes for me all the time. So why wouldn’t he go with me to this court date? Couldn’t he cause the judge to have mercy on me? Couldn’t he take care of this big deal in my life and make it very simple? Yes, Yes, and Yes. That’s what I think. So I have chosen to skip the lawyer and rely on HIM.

So as an act of faith, I am putting this on here and I am going to believe that Christ is with me and that He will not fail me even in this matter. I was breaking the law and I do deserve to have some sort of judgement. However, I hope that it would be light. So I will let you know what happens tomorrow night. . .

Sorry to keep you in suspense.

Please pray that the Judge will have mercy on me. I know that he could throw the book at me.

First Chemo Treatment TODAY!

October 27, 2005

Mom getting her first treatment

Today is the day. Mom was at the Oncology office at 8:30 this morning to start treatment and left about 2:00 pm this afternoon. So far so good.

I think it is so wonderful all the testimonies that all of you keep telling us of people in her same boat and even WORSE that are experiencing the awesome healing power of our God. It is very encouraging. Thanks!

As weird as this sounds. . .this morning as I prayed for Mom, I asked God if there was a verse or something that I should encourage Mom with before her treatment started. The reference Psalm 84:7 came to my mind. I didn’t know what it said, so I looked it up and was so encouraged.

“They go from STRENGTH to STRENGTH till each appears before God in Zion.”

I really pondered this because the whole thing of chemo therapy is strength to weakness or weak to weaker, NOT strength to strength! Such is the nature of an all-powerful God who is in control of Mom, her body and this cancer. He can give her added strength even in this situation. Praise His Name!

Here is the whole passage. It is so good and really applies to her situation.

Blessed are those whose STRENGTH is in you.
Who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.

As they pass through the Valley of Weeping,
they make it a place of springs;
The autumn rains also cover it with pools.

They go from STRENGTH to STRENGTH till each appears before God in Zion.


I am praying this for Mom during this time. We would love for you to join with us. Thanks everyone so very much!

The Art of Crumb Casting

October 5, 2005

This is Julian feeding the fish at my Dad’s pond

Crumb Casting is not an art at all! It’s actually living a life of continually casting your care upon a God that cares for you.

“Cast your bread upon the water and it will come back to you”.

This year I have felt that God is wanting to perfect my faith. That sounds so blah to say that, yet He is doing it in a huge way. I have known with my head about faith all my life. I even have faith, but he is teaching my heart what my head has known for years! I am now having to put my eyes on the unseen and not what I can see. . .because I have to.

My life as a stay-at-home mom is one of constant casting my bread upon the waters. Every diaper I change, nose I wipe, juice cup I fill, or meal I make is casting bread. However, I am finding that sometimes I don’t even have a full piece of bread to throw, so I am just Casting Crumbs. Yet, God takes my crumby tries and will use it and someday it will come back to me.

A great friend of mine has been after me to start this blog for awhile. I finally am ready to try it. I am praying that you will find humor, encouragement, friendship and faith in the pages to come. I also want this to be a way that people can be updated on how Mom is doing (more to come in this area).

So come check in now and then. Share in my everyday life, my great kiddos, hilarious husband and my laughs and cries. Come toss a crumb with me!!