Celebratin’ Time

October 8, 2007

This week was busy getting ready for Jaden’s birthday. I can’t believe he is four years old! My how time flies when you are having fun. . .or just really busy.

Saturday was the big day. Jaden awoke to the house decorated with “Happy Birthday” banners, balloons and a pile of presents. Julian stayed up late helping us get it all done the night before. We headed out for breakfast at Neighbors (a great little hole in the wall). Jaden enjoyed his cinnamon roll and that was all he would eat.


Then off to Deanna Rose Farmstead for some family fun. We fed the animals, petted them, played on playgrounds, panned for minerals, milked cows, and fished.



It was so hot out! Everyone was pretty worn out by the time we left. We came home and prepared for the family coming over for a party. Jaden loved his gifts and everyone singing “his” song for the day. My pics of that part really didn’t turn out very well. . .sorry.

Last night he could hardly function without crying he was sooo tired. When I went to bed I went over everything Jaden ate yesterday (Mom’s do that, ya know).

Here is the list:

Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Milk
Peanut M&M’s and Candy Corn
QT slush
Bubble Gum
3 bites of a cheese sandwich
Orange Pop
Ice cream

What a great day to be a kid. I think I would have hurled if that was all I ate for the day. No wonder he could hardly function!

The cutest thing he said: Friday at Mother’s Day Out they sang “Happy Birthday” to him. On the way home he was telling me about it and said “Mom, can we please sing ‘my’ song tomorrow too?”



4 responses to Celebratin’ Time

  1. :birthday

    Hope he has an Awesome Birthday! What a cute he is!!!!

    Take care girl and I will see you Wednesday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jaden! :birthday

    I was thinking of you on Saturday…it was too freakin’ HOT for October! Glad you guys had fun!

  3. You are right about that, Amber! We were sweatin ‘ at the Farmstead and watching people go to the pumpkin patch and get their pumpkins. That was just wrong. It has to be cool to get punkins!

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