Check out this SHINER!

April 10, 2008

Julian always gets blogged about…especially with his accidents. Teeth being knocked out, black eye on the first day of baseball practice….and now a big shiner.

Last night we were at church and he collided with his friend Mattie. Mattie’s head landed on Julian’s cheekbone and wah-lah ….a big old shiner. This sucker swelled out like you wouldn’t believe. Everyone told him how cool it was to have the big shiner and how proud he must be. It was all the men saying this to him. Almost like he had passed another rite of passage or something.

I really enjoyed hearing Mattie telling him over and over how sorry he was. Julian would say “It’s okay. I’m still your friend it just hurts reaaaalllly baaad.”

I’m sure this is going to get even prettier as the days go by. I might try to coordinate his clothes with it as it turns from purple to yellow and green.



8 responses to Check out this SHINER!

  1. Geez, Julian! That really must have hurt! 😯

  2. Yow! That’s one to be proud of!!! 8)

  3. He really needs to make up a good tough guy story up to go along with this so he has something to wow the ladies with when he gets older. 😉

  4. Yeah, it’s is amazing how the girls feel about his poor eye. A girl from church yesterday cried about it for awhile – no kidding! She is really sensitive and just looking at his eye made her upset. It’s looking really ugly now with the greens and yellows.

  5. Poor Julian….he ALWAYS has something like this happen to him. I really feel for him. I will say that when I came downstairs and saw him crying, my first thought was “Oh, no…what did Chandler do to Julian this time”! I feel like we are bad luck for Julian. If it’s not bee stings then it’s injury by baseball bat…. :(

    For the record: Chandler calls Julian his “Best Friend”…and even wants to name this new baby after him :lol:!

  6. sweet! I think another Julian is in order for the world!! 😆 😆 😆

  7. Kids Eat free! April 15, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Hehe! That wouldn’t be confusing at all when we get together 😆

  8. We need a follow up pic as it has morphed into something quite hideous. 😮