Chemo treatment Begins. . .

October 26, 2005

Hi Everybody! Thanks for all of you who are continually checking on Mom and standing in faith and praying for her.

Tomorrow is the big day – Chemo treatment begins. I can’t imagine the feeling of going in and having yourself hooked up to an IV for 4 to 5 hours and knowing this is going into your veins. It’s so good to know that God gives us the strength that we need for each moment of life.

Pray for her as she begins this, that she won’t experience too many side effects. Chemo seems to have come a long way and they have many drugs to go along with it to curb side effects. They can control the nausea pretty well. Mom said that the 2nd week is usually the worst because your blood count drops and you feel like you have the flu – very achy and tired. She could also develop sores in her mouth and so she has to rinse several times a day with this solution and watch stuff she eats that has lots of acid. There’s a lot to know about this that we usually don’t think about.

Also, she has developed an infection in her bladder. She is on her 2nd round of antibiotics and they are hoping it clears up. If not they may need to send her to a Urologist.

Thanks, everyone, for holding us up. Thanks for encouraging us and praying with us!!

I shall not die, but live to declare the glories of the Lord! Psalm 118:17



4 responses to Chemo treatment Begins. . .

  1. Prayers on the way! I’ll tell Mary too.

  2. We had a guest pastor speak tonight and he shared some thoughts on a verse that were really thought provoking.

    “Who are you O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of “Grace, grace to it!” Zechariah 4:7

    He said he felt like the Lord spoke to him and said– the first grace is HIS abilities and the second grace is our God given abilities.

    There are some things WE CANNOT do that only HE CAN. And there are things that He’s given US the ability to do.

    I thought of this situation when I read this verse. I thought it might be worth sharing.

    Our prayers are with you as you face this mountain.

  3. Judy-
    I cannot say that I know what you are about to face tomorrow, but remember to cast all of your burdens unto Him!
    Phillipians 2:13 states “God is at work within you…”

    When you face the session tomorrow, know that The Lord is there to help you. Yours is the hand He loves to hold. May His touch make all the difference as you go through this challenging day!
    He will sustain you and I am continually lifting you in my prayers daily and asking God to grant you a miracle.

    I pray against the Spirit of Infirmity. May it be cast out in the Name of Jesus!!!
    May your nausea NOT be an issue and may there not be any sores that develop in your mouth.
    May God grant you rest and peace of mind that He loves you and will be there tomorrow on your big day!

    All my love, encouragement and strength be showered upon my dear friend, Judy.


  4. Thanks, everyone!! I will print these off for Mom. I may get to go up and stay for a few minutes with her today. I will take them to her.

    She seemed in good spirits this morning as she was on her way, Just trusting the Lord!