Chicago Adventure!!

March 15, 2006

I promised everyone a rundown on my trip to Chicago. So here goes! To say it was an adventure is not doing it justice! It really was an adventure, excursion, a spree. . .with delightful moments, missed trains, laughter, tears and even FEARS!

We left Friday morning and headed for St. Louis to pick up another girl. We left St. Louis two hours behind schedule and tried to book it to Chicago. We were to be in downtown Chicago for the Beth Moore Conference at 7:00 P.M. We stopped at a gas station outside of Chicago and found out we were still a couple hours from our destination and it was almost 5:00 already! So a nice man suggested we drive to Joliet (a shorter distance) and catch the train and we would be downtown in an hour. So that’s what we did. . We drove to Joliet, found parking at the train station, ran to the train. . . and it left with us standing right in front of it!!!!!

Our train LEAVING without us!

We stayed at the station until the next train came at 6:45 p.m. So much for being at the conference on time. We finally made the train and enjoyed our hour long ride into downtown chicago.

Our beautiful group of girls in the train station.

When we got off the train we walked to the “L” (Chicago’s subway) which took us to the pavilion where the conference was.

Here we are on the “L”

Beth Moore was fantastic. It was fun letting these younger girls get a taste of a hero of our generation. All the way there they talked skeptically about Beth. . . while we raved. Then on the way home, I loved hearing them talk about her with great appreciation!


After the conference we had a long ride back to our vans and decided to get hotel rooms there instead of staying with the people we were originally supposed to stay with. We checked into our rooms, ate some Taco Bell at 1:30 A.M. and fell into bed at 2:30! We had a very full, very fun, very eventful day!

Saturday we drove to the conference and then went to a diner called Ed Debevic’s. It was a 50’s diner that is known for their sort of “hateful attitudes”. The waitresses are not mannerly, ours at one point yelled “What is your problem!” at us. It was funny.

The staff at Ed’s dancing on the bar

After eating, it was off to Michigan Avenue for some shopping. We hadn’t thought about the St. Patrick’s Day parade being that day and it was crowded!!

Me, Megan and Michaela on Michigan Ave.

I have to say that this was not my kind of shopping. Everything was very expensive. We went in Saks Fifth Avenue and this is the sort of stuff they had. . .

saks2 saks
Yup! The ugliest shirt in the world for $665.00!

We left the shopping district and headed toward Michaela’s friends house where we would stay the night. After getting lost in downtown Chicago for quite awhile, we all made it safely.

We left the next morning for the leisurely, boring ride home. . .so much for that! We arrived in St. Louis without a hitch and went on toward Columbia. One of our girls’ father is a meteorologist and called that we were headed into some bad weather and we should stop in Columbia and wait until it crossed over I70! Good thing he did. We stopped and went into an Old Navy store. We were all happily shopping when the tornado sirens started blaring. None of the workers seemed to care so we took it upon ourselves to get into the middle of the store.

You can see how terrified we are.

The sirens stopped and we went over to Famous Barr. The sirens were going off again and a lady met us at the door and promptly escorted us to their back room that was like a storm shelter. We gathered with a bunch of other people listening to the sirens, the hail and hoping our windshields were not breaking.

This is some of the sights we saw when we finally left the store. . .


We praised God this wasn’t what happened to our vehicles!

When the storm had finally passed, we found that I70 was closed because a tractor trailer had turned over and it would be hours. So we took the best route and headed South to 50 Hwy. When we got to Sedalia we were in the middle of all the severe tornado storms!! Luckily we had our meteorologist Dad on the phone telling us every step of the way. There were times we drove really fast and others we parked and ran for our lives into a building. We would listen to the sirens while all huddling in a one hole bathroom and then get back on the road and drive for all we were worth! We finally made it!

We will never forget this trip! We were stretched to the limits, tired, encouraged, tried and challenged. It was all good!! All of it. I love these girls, they are wonderful. They never complained. We were encouraged by their quick response to pray whenever we didn’t know where we were or what we were going to do. I feel so privileged that they accepted me and included me in their trip and in their lives! Thanks, girls!



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  1. That pile of hail looks about like what our entire deck had on it the third time it hailed Sunday night. Crazy weather.

    Glad you had a good time. You and Tom will have to dump the kiddos sometime and go to Chicago. It is a really fun place and there are some great areas to shop, eat, explore…I hope Mary and I can go sometime soon.

  2. Awwww. . . Adventures. . . how I love them. I want to go on an adventure. I dream of adventure!!! I just absolutely love to travel on little mini adventures.

    I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. I just soaked in all that you had to share about what you learned from Beth. And as a mom to four daughters I want to know all I can about today’s young women. It will be fun when my girls become young women. It sounds like this group of girls are just delightful.

    I hope you don’t have to ever dodge twisters again!

  3. Oh how sweet to put the nasty picture up of me! HAHAHA!!! I will send you mine…*note to everyone reading this* I was being goofy and cracked up after the picture was taken. :-) Anyway!! I’m off to get my hair cut! Finally!!! I’m so excited! It sure was an adventure. You are so blessed to have gone on the CRAZIEST trip our group has ever gone on and probably ever will go on. Nothing can beat dodging tornadoes!! See ya tomorrow! Oh and I don’t know if you even remember talking about this but I am still up for taking Evelys 1 year pictures.

  4. They made it all up.

  5. I think you should have bought that shirt for
    Tom, It is his color!!!

  6. She bought me thong underwear like that but I only wear it on St. Pat’s day; or when I’m feeling frisky.


  7. That really WAS an adventure!! You will probably never forget that trip to Chicago for as long as you live. I’m so glad that you had a fun time. I can’t wait to be able to go on little mini “adventures” again.

  8. so, when wearing said thong, does it cut right through you?

  9. Right through me blarney stones.

  10. blarney stones? At least you didn’t mention your Irish spring!

  11. STOOOOOP, boys!!!!!! That is enough! :)

  12. Jules and Amber – One of these days soon you will have an adventure too. I was extremly surprised I was able to go on this adventure, but sooo glad I did. Sometimes I think that we need to do things that just don’t “make sense” with where we are at in life or what fits “best” into our schedule!

  13. Hey, Danny, thanks for visiting my site and posting!! Welcome.

  14. What’s stoooop?

  15. It’s STOP with great emphasis!

  16. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. No is was only the BEST!! I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you were able to go on this trip. You are such a blessing and to be able to share this experience/adventure with you is a memory i will always treasure. ps-the girls think you great!!

  17. Awww, thanks Michaela!!! You’re great! I loved being able to ride home with you and visit all the way.

  18. I am sure glad I didn’t start any rumors!!!