Colorado – Chapter 1

July 11, 2007

We are back! We took another FIRST in our lives and took the whole family on a real week long vacation to the Rockies. We have done a few weekend trips here and there – but never a week long vacation. It went very well – the kids did awesome!

I must preface this by saying that my next few posts will be of the different adventures that we experienced during our stay in Breckenridge and the surrounding areas. There is just too much to tell and show for one single post. So bear with me as I tell our story.

I must first say a big SHOUT OUT to Bill and MaryKay (my wonderful Brother and Sister-in-law) who spent countless hours and legwork to plan this trip!! Major thanks are sent your way, guys. Thank you sooooooo much. We thoroughly enjoyed all the details that you put into this trip for us. We can’t thank you enough.

This was a family trip. Nineteen of us headed out to Colorado and met up at the Red Fox Retreat to make memories together that will last a lifetime.


Our adventure begins at 4:00 AM on Saturday morning. We dressed all the kids in their clothes they would travel in and put them to bed. They thought that was really neat to wear clothes to bed. Then at 4:00 AM we arose to pack the last few things, put the cat outside and carry the sleeping children to the car.

Yup, they are sound asleep! They were as excited as we were. Evely had to have her sunglasses on even though it was dark.

Here’s Tom with his invisible toothpicks to hold his eyes open.

After hours and hours of driving, we arrived in Colorado and made our way toward the mountains. The kids were very bored by this time, but they gained some excitement when we saw the mountains looming in the distance.


We were so excited when we saw our accomodations. This was a huge duplex made into a big house. It was beautiful. It had everything you could want while on vacation.


Here’s what you would see when you walked in the front door. The stairs led up to our bedroom and the hallway went back toward the pool table room, kitchen and living room.

Here’s what the bedroom looked like. One interesting thing was you could lay on the bed, look through the fireplace into the bathroom and watch someone take a shower!

The bathtub!! The kids loved this.

The hot tub was great after a day of hiking or rafting.

Here’s the bar in the kitchen.

The living room. You can see the beautiful mountain scenery outside the windows.

We immediately felt the altitude difference! We carried our suitcases up the stairs and would flop on the bed completely out of breath. It was something that took us several days to get used to.

It was nice to be out of the car and at our destination. This was our first day of vacation.

More to come. . .stay tuned!



8 responses to Colorado – Chapter 1

  1. I agree, Bill and Mary Kay put in a lot of hours to make this a great vacation! I still think the Ride to to the river on our white water rafting was the best. Karen had her confidence boosted then. Of course Tommy should his skills by getting wet first!!

  2. Before Tommy leaves a comment I had a typing error, it should have said Showed instead of should. :indeed

  3. I’m out of breath just looking at the house and those stairs. We definitley planned every trip up to the room. The living room was huge but it also echoed loudly when people were talking. The jacuzzi tub in the bath was great but the shower was really cool. It had room for like 6 people with smooth stones on the bottom. Had a hard time figuring out the fancy handles! Thanks again to Bill and Scary May.

  4. That was what she called herself! 😀

  5. Yup, I will be posting all the rafting stories in a couple days! That was truly the highlight of my trip – I think. That and the Alpine Slide in the rain – :eek

  6. Wow, talk about livin’ fancy. That house if gorgeous. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the vacation. Love Ya, glad you all got home safe.

  7. Tom, if you are going to “insult” my wife, get her name right. It is “Scarey Kay” not “Scarey May”. We had a great time as well, just being in the mountains and enjoying the scenery and the wonder of God’s creation. We did almost get carried away by mosquitos though and if it weren’t for Mary Kay’s brother-in-law Stewart grabbing me by the ankles, they would have carted me off for sure! It was fun watching the kids hiking with us and playing in the snow!

  8. Thanks to the Shoemaker’s for inviting us to tag along on this family vacation. You always make us feel like family instead of “out-laws.”
    Even though I kept a slower pace and and didn’t participate in all the activities, I kept on the go and had a very enjoyable time. Yes, Bill and Mary Kay (or “Guber Head” as Evely would say) , you did an excellent job of planning all the details for the trip and did more than your share of the work to see that all had a fun time. Your enthusiasm before and during the trip was contagious.
    What an awesome place to see the hand of God in this world.