Colorado – Chapter 2

July 12, 2007

After settling into our beautiful home away from home and having our first nights rest, we had our first excursion into the mountains. Bill and MaryKay talked us into going on a “short” hike up a mountain that was pretty close to where we were staying. It was called McCullough Gulch trail. The drive to the trail head was scary enough for me. It was a dirt road that wound around the mountain with not too much on the other side – no guardrails just occasional trees. We would pass cars on this road too and it about did me in. I was glad to finally park and get out.

This was a relatively easy hike, even though we were having a hard time breathing from the altitude. We had our first taste of the beauty of God’s creation around us. Wildflowers grew in abundance along the path, beautiful rocks and foliage everwhere. The scampering chipmunks were a big hit with the kids. We hiked to a beautiful waterfall and then on up to a really pretty small lake.


Bill and MaryKay had hiked here before and they called the big rock at the top Smooch Rock because they had many pictures of them kissing there. So here’s another one for the annals –


Julian had been sick the day before and was having a hard time keeping up. Tom carried him a lot. Look at my big strong man!!!


Our next really big adventure was the Alpine Slides!!

During the summertime they turn the ski slope area into a dry summer adventure place. They have all kinds of stuff to do like a zip line, scenic ski lift to the top etc. We actually did the alpine slides several days but here is a few pics from all the days.

Here is what the slides look like. They are like a dry water slide that you ride a sled down.

You first get on a ski lift that takes you to the top. This is Tom and Jaden taking a ride. This was quite scary for me the first time -actually I was petrified! I had Evely with me and she wouldn’t sit on her bottom and I was too afraid to move her to get her situated. I kept imagining the sight of a little two year old falling out of this hanging seat in the sky. The next time I went up it was much better. My hands would still get sweaty and I would hold on tight, but I wasn’t so freaked out. (I guess I should tell you all if you haven’t figured it out – I am deathly afraid of heights!)

Here’s Tom and I on the ski lift – you can see the slides behind us.

When you got to the top you would jump off the ski lift and exit to the left very quickly to avoid being knocked down by the moving seat. Then you would get your sled and move to the top of the tracks.

There were workers at the top that would instruct you to check your brakes by pulling up on the lever between your legs. To make the sled go you would push it forward. You can easily control how fast or slow you would want to go this way. The other thing they would tell you was that if it started raining to get off the slide, take your sled off and walk down the mountain.

The last time I went down, it was almost closing time and we were trying to get in one more slide. The clouds had rolled in and it was starting to barely sprinkle. So when we sat down to go the instructor told me that if it started raining any more than it was to get off the track, that I would have NO brakes. I was on the fastest track and started on my way. I was racing along at a pretty good clip and I could start really feeling the rain hit me in the face. I wasn’t sure if it was raining harder or if it was just my fast speed. So I decided to test my brakes to see how I was doing – and wouldn’t you know it – I HAD NONE!!! Talk about scared. I did not feel excited or thrilled like some daredevil’s do – I was soooo scared! I was trying to do everything possible to slow myself down and I decided that when I got to the bottom I would just have to crash going full tilt. Luckily they had some guys out with blankets drying the bottom of the track so we could brake. I couldn’t stop shaking for about an hour after we left!

Here’s Julian

And Daniel

This was really fun! I would highly recommend the Alpine Slides to anyone. Small kids to older adults were doing this. Just don’t do it in the rain!



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  1. It looks like such a great trip! When I look at the pictures of the mountains I can smell the cool mountain air and I am homesick…miss the mountains, miss you !

  2. I’m very thankful that you got stopped!