Colorado – The final chapter

July 23, 2007

Here are a few more highlights of our trip. I will stop boring everyone with all the details and move forward, don’t worry.

The final things I wanted to tell you about was our 4th of July and Rocky Mountain National Park. So here are the details.

I heard that all of you in our vicinity were hoping to see fireworks because of all the rain that day. We were in GREAT weather for the day. It was sunny and 80 when we went to Breckenridge to see the parade and we were actually hot in the sun.

Here we are waiting for the parade. There was huge turnout and just seeing the crowd in all red, white and blue’s was beautiful. The parade itself was “okay”. I have seen so much better, but we still enjoyed it and the kids got some candy that they threw. One thing that was definitely different was the float that was covered in snow and as they drove by they threw snowballs at everyone. One landed right on Evely and scared her.

After the parade the Fire Department got out their hoses and had water wars with the kids.

Here’s Julian helping hold the hose.

He was a little bit wet.

That night we drove to a place on the lake in Frisco to watch fireworks. We wore our WINTER coats it was sooo cold. That was quite a change for the 4th. We saw some beautiful fireworks but they were pretty far away.


Rocky Mountain National Park

This was definitely a favorite day of mine too! The road up to Estes Park area was phenomenal. You never got bored at looking out the car window. After we arrived there, we visited the park ranger station and it was raining at a pretty good clip. We found out where some covered picnic tables were and headed there to have lunch – it was COLD!

The rain cleared off and we drove around to several sites and then to Bear Lake. This was a phenomenal little hike around a gorgeous lake. We went on a Ranger led tour which was pretty interesting.

Bear Lake

A family pic at Bear Lake

That evening we all met up at a campground area to grill dogs and brats and eat dinner. There is just something about a hotdog over a campfire! The evening was the perfect temperature and we enjoyed looking at the stream, feeding all the scampering chipmunks and climbing rocks.

Here’s Julian with a chipmunk taking a sunflower seed out of his hand.

After cleaning everything up, we headed up Fall Creek Road, a road bound to exhilerate the brave and make the squeemish squirm!

Thankfully it is a one way dirt road up to the top of the mountain. We didn’t have to pass people. I don’t think I would have made it up if we had. Many areas there are no trees along the side and you just look over a drop off. Mom and I were having a hard time half way up and we counted the mile markers and prayed they would pass quickly.

When we finally arrived at the top we sat for quite awhile on the road because the elk were in the way.
There were several with their babies. I would have enjoyed looking at them more if I hadn’t been sitting in a car on that road at the top of the mountain. The weather had turned very windy, cold and rainy and it was getting dark. There is a ranger station at the top of the mountain which was closed by the time we arrived, however we got there just in time to catch a magnificent sunset!


On the way back down the mountain, we stopped to look at the Continental Divide. I have heard of this before but didn’t know what it was. It is the dividing point where the water flows either to the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean.

This concludes the last chapter of our Colorado trip. Thanks for bearing with me as I relayed these wonderful memories!



8 responses to Colorado – The final chapter

  1. Wow! Sounds like an unforgettable journey! I long for a little adventure in my life…some day…some day.

    Oh, and no need to apologize for your trip posts. It is YOUR blog afterall 😀 It was fun to share those memories with you through these last couple of posts. You will be so glad you took the time to write about your trip.

  2. Yeah it got real cold just past that elk. I got out and took some pics at the north pole ranger station. Julian hopped out with me and the wind was whipping right through my “wind breaker” and freezing me like I was standing there neked. I have pics of that butt I guess they got flushed. They’d really make you crack up. Anyway we stopped by a rolling stream and I thought I saw all kinds of gold flecks in the water but it turned out to be mica, I guess like formica? I stooped down and put my hands in the water for like 4 seconds. All the streams were being fed by snow melt and it was chilly. We did a whole lot of getting out of the van and spontaneously exploring. I think we’ll wait to do Colorado again when we don’t have carseats anymore and they can actually hike without my shoulders.

  3. Thanks Karen for a very interesting mini-vacation book. I enjoyed reading it. I’ve been to Colorado a few times in my life. It is so beautiful. After reading your posts, I really want to plan a trip with Mike & the baby! Your post gave me a lot of good ideas of places to visit. I’m so glad you all had such a good time!

  4. Karen, I love seeing the pics of your vacation.

    Christie is likely to be moving to Colorado and we are really excited about that. We look forward to taking a trip or two a year to see them. They’ve been too far away to visit the last few years.

    I absolutely love adventure but it’s a bit of a rare thing in my life. I’ve enjoyed seeing your adventurous pics! I am so happy for you!

  5. Hi Abby! Thanks for visiting. Hope you are feeling better these days.

    Jules, that’s great that Christie will be moving closer!! That will be a great place to visit.

  6. Abby found out yesterday that she is having a girl!

  7. I love how all of us lament about the need for adventure someday…you would think the we are the biggest group of daredevils out there!HAHAHAHA!! Most days feel like an adventure for me like should I hike that mountain of dirty laundry or put my hand that stream of..where did that stream come from(we’re potty training so it’s anybodies guess), or watching the fireworks break out between the kids. That is my sort of adventure…and I really love it!

  8. James and I agree we could write a book about all of our adventures we’ve had. We got married young and built a great life together. God has lead us to step out and do some risky things. Life is the greatest adventure of all and I wouldn’t have mine any other way!

    I still enjoy having the wind blowing through my hair every now and then! It takes the stress of life away, at least for a bit. God made us to be exhilarated!