Coming Right Along!

November 20, 2005

The wall came down!


The cabinets went up!


The sheetrock is partially in . . .


And now we wait.

We are really seeing the progress now. It’s fun to watch all this come together and actually be able to see what the room will look like. This week will be pretty slow for the work because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but then the next week will really take off. James is going to bring my countertops, tile will be going on the walls in my kitchen, sheetrocking and carpet people coming to give the bid, etc. Very busy and fun.

Here is what I am doing for my color scheme. . .


The border goes in my kitchen, the little swatch is the countertops (Cotta Stone).The kitchen will be painted “Latte” and the addition will be a lighter shade of that. That’s the carpet sample, too.

I will be so glad to have all this done. I can’t believe people actually do all this with a whole house!! It’s been hard enough with just two rooms. The decisions seem to get harder and harder or maybe we are just tired of making decisions.

While I am very thankful to have all this done, it will be nice to have the house back to myself and the kids. No more men working in my house, traipsing up and down the stairs, banging and sawing during naptime and trying to keep the kids out of their way and off their ladders.


Today even though Mom was feeling pretty bad from her chemo, she drug herself over to see the progress and hold Evely for a minute. She just had a treatment on Wednesday and is still pretty hung over, tired, no appetite. . .the usual it seems from chemo. Each day she will get a little perkier. I hope that she is feeling really well for Thanksgiving!



4 responses to Coming Right Along!

  1. Wow! Your kitchen looks so different with that wall out! I am so happy for you. Your going to love it! Hopefully, things will go smoothly and quickly and it will be completely done for Christmas!

  2. It’s supposed to be done around the first part of December. I am really looking forward to it!

  3. Carol, you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too! Thanks for visiting the site; it gives me something to do for myself – almost like scrapbooking! You know how that is.

  4. The picture of Judy with Evely is wonderful! She does look good,
    though tired.

    Karen – I’m so impressed with this website. YOu are doing a great job. It’s very interesting to watch your projects unfold before my eyes – I love the pictures.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure to tell your Mother I’m thinking of her.