Cowboy Crumbs

October 25, 2005

This week at Julian’s school they are having a spirit week. Yesterday was Red day and today was cowboy day. As soon as Julian got home from school he started preparing his outfit for school. He picked out the jeans and jean shirt, a black turtleneck, the bandana. . .and then he was stuck. “Mom, I cannot go without a cowboy hat! What are we going to do?” We didn’t have one so he said “I have an idea, let’s call Boocoo! (his name for my Dad.)” So he called and we had to make a trip to Mom and Dad’s to get a cowboy hat.

Ready for breakfast!

This is the site I saw when I came in the kitchen after stumbling out of bed. Normally he is in his PJ’s till the last minute, but not this morning!

I’m a real cowboy!

I had to take these pictures, it was just too cute! He looked right in his element. I had to post them on here and share them with you all.

Side Shot of a “Ten Gallon Hat”!



7 responses to Cowboy Crumbs

  1. He’s such a funny kid! Great getup! Is that a bandana from one of our birthday parties?

    Lydia and Jessica had spirit week a couple of weeks ago. Lydia was really mad at me cuz I didn’t want to mess with Storybook Character Day. I did get her a brand new pair of Bratz pajamas for Pajama Day and I reminded her of that several times. Too much to keep track of. Today was bring canned food day as part of Red Ribbon Week. Tomorrow they’re supposed to wear red. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping track of everything.

  2. That’s fun! I loved doing spirit week stuff in school, even up through high school. Great pictures!

  3. Yeah, it is hard to keep track of! Today was disaster relief day ????

  4. I feel a little stressed about Halloween. The only kid I have a costume for is Lydia. Well, I might put Anjelia in that bunny getup. She doesn’t care. I don’t know how to do a monkey for Elaina. I can’t spend a lot of money. Everything we do ends up real expensive when you multiply it. I wish someone else would take over when the kids need to dress up. I don’t feel very creative in that department.

    What the heck do you do for disaster relief day?!!! Send in donations?

  5. Are you feeling better?

  6. I guess the donations were what they were wanting. I don’t know!

    Jules, if you want to use any of the costumes I have you can. Julian is going to be Batman AGAIN. Every time I come near Jaden with a costume, he runs and yells. So who knows with him. . .Evely doesn’t have one either. Walmart always throws theirs 1/2 off on Halloween day, I may look for one for her then or maybe not.

    I have thought about waiting till the costumes are cheap and buy some for Julian for Christmas. His favorite thing is dressing up as superheroes, so I am going to try to do this.

  7. Last year I went to Wal-Mart on Halloween and they didn’t have the stuff marked down.

    I’ve waited until they were on sale before and bought dress up stuff for the girls. One year Lydia was a pumpkin princess for thanksgiving.