Crazy Days of Summer!

July 6, 2006

Every year about this time Tom starts saying “You know what happens after the 4th of July. . .the Summer is just gone.” It’s true. I’ve found myself saying it this year. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. We have been so busy this weekend I haven’t had time to post anything. So hear are some snippets of our weekend and holiday.

Sweet little Evely has found that she loves to climb. She can climb into her hairchair, on the coffee table and the couch. I came in the kitchen this weekend to see her on top of the table finishing off Jaden’s pancakes!


We had a ball trying out Mom and Dad’s new pool liner. The other fell apart and we couldn’t open the pool until a new was one was put in. The water was really warm on Friday and the kids had a lot of fun. . .not to mention me too.

And yet another table top picture.

Doesn’t the water look inviting! It was great.

We had a great time at Chandler’s
Superman birthday party Friday night. Thanks for inviting us Jon and Amber! Amber has a really sweet birthday post on “3 Little Whites”.

bday1Birthday Wish

Jaden slept through the fun.

Independence Day

The Fourth was so much fun! We had some old friends and new friends over from church. There were about 15 kids here and they had a ball. We grilled and ate wonderful food, played, set off fireworks and visited. Then in the evening we went to our church parking lot to watch the fireworks display. We all reminisced about getting out the coffee can and untwisting firecrackers for hours and then lighting them off one at a time. Remember that?

I love seeing the 4th through the eyes of the kids. Julian loves fireworks and says “Daddy, I’m ready to go firecrackerin!” Jaden runs to the house yelling “NO COLORS! I DON’T like colors!

fire1Here’s the motley crew of young people setting off fireworks in our street.

Julian brandishing a sparkler

Angie and Evely enjoying the big show

Praise God for the Land of the Free . . .

And the home of the brave.



7 responses to Crazy Days of Summer!

  1. What a fun 4th! I am so thankful for this country!

  2. It was so much fun and caught a break on the weather. Hot in the a.m. but it was so comfortable in the p.m.. Karen thought she even needed a jacket watching the show.

  3. Your fireworks pics turned out real good, I have fun taking some too.

    I think everyone had a good time it looks like this year. Julie’s gang had fun at home and at her dads. That was always my favorite time. My uncle would come down from Indiana and we had fireworks. We could’nt afford to have them otherwise. We sure loved uncle Pee Wee. 😉

  4. Yeah, thank goodness for those men that are still little boys at heart. They don’t mind spending money of things that blow up so everyone can enjoy them!

  5. Oh, boy, I put a post up about our 4th and then I checked your blog out. Looks like we shared the same holiday. HA! Well, it was fun anyway…

  6. Cute post, Karen. I love the picture of Jaden sleeping at the party. My children would NEVER sleep through a party like that. NEVER! I took several pictures of him as well.

    Thanks for hosting the big “bash” on the 4th. We had a lot of fun :-) One of these days the White’s will have a big enough home for a 4th of July bash as well.

  7. We had fun, Amber. It really was a good time. I am glad that our addition makes it easy to have people over now. It is such a blessing from the Lord!! :worship