Crazy Eights – I’ve been tagged!

October 9, 2007

My new friend CAT tagged me to participate in the Crazy Eights. I don’t often do these so decided to play along! Feel free to write some of YOUR crazy eights. AMBER, I’m tagging you for this one!

8 things I’m passionate about:

* Jesus – the one that gets me through life. He is real.
* My hubby –
* My kiddos
* My family
* My friends
* Garage sale-ing and Thrift storing
* Scrapbooking
* A good cup of coffee and Cherry Pie

8 things I want to do before I die:

* Go to the beach again – want to take my kids there too.
* Write a book
* Finish my scrapbooks and the heritage album my Mom and I started
* Finish college
* Get my nose pierced – this may happen soon! :)
* Take a painting class
* Drive a little red sports car
* See all my children follow Christ

Those were hard. . .there are sooo many more things. Those aren’t even my top 8 I don’t think. Just some of the first that came to my mind.

8 things I say often:

* Oh Really!
* Crap! (I try not to say this around the kids too much)
* Holy Cow!
* What in the world!
* There went the cat. Shut the door!
* Stop jumping on my bed.
* Can you please pick up your shoes.
* Shhhh!

8 books I’ve recently read:

* Perpetua – Just finished it, it was phenomenal!!
* Amazing Grace
* The Ragamuffin Gospel – Working on this for Wed. nights
* Buoyancy – almost through this one too
* What Teacher’s Do After you Leave School – read to the kids
* Hedgie Takes Off – Also read to the kids
* Eat This Book – Just started this one the other night.
* Judges – for Sunday School

8 songs I could listen to over and over:

* Heaven (Bob Carlisle)
* I’ll still be loving you (Restless Heart)
* What Hurts the Most (Rascall Flatts)
* I Will Wait (Jason Upton)
* More Than Enough (Passion- anything by them)
* Anything by Watermark, Rita Springer
* Anything by Allies
* 80’s Hair Bands
* Anything classical on occasion

(Couldn’t narrow down the songs – there are just tooooo many!)

8 things that attract me to my best friends:

* Silliness
* Likes to Laugh
* Balcony people (cheer from the balcony, don’t bring me to the basement)
* Time spent together
* Depth of insight – not afraid to really hash stuff with me.
* Positive outlook
* Encouraging
* Faith

8 things I’ve learned this past year:

* Don’t ever smell a kids finger when they say “hey, smell this.”
* If someone wants to give you a lot of money to mail something, It’s a scam.
* When your kids wish for animals on their birthday. . .they will come.
* How to get rid of a lot of responsibilities and just do a few smaller things much better.
* How to enjoy each day more fully.
* If you go to a different church every week for three months, you can still see God in many ways and in so many new people.
* I can now go to a pool with all three of my kids and be relatively safe. :)
* God is faithful to me, even when I lose faith



9 responses to Crazy Eights – I’ve been tagged!

  1. Well…CRAP! That’s a big ol’ list! I’ll work on it today, and maybe have it finished by the time I go to bed at midnight tonight 😉

  2. Hey Karen, Those were good, I am going to have to think about what my answers would be. By the way, I had closed my site because I was putting information on there that I didn’t want members of our current church reading (job hunting stuff), but I never had your email address to invite you. It wasn’t a snub . . . I promise, I just kept forgetting to comment on here to get your email addie. Anyway- email me and I will add you! I may end up opening it up again and some point but I haven’t decided yet. Sorry for writing a novel here. 😉

  3. Yeah, that was a long list. It was really HARD too! I’m waiting with bated breath for your list, Amber!

    Faith thanks for your blog address!

  4. Well now! Karen, we have a lot in common–especially the passions. Okay now that I know you g/s and thrift, we’re gonna hang. Big! And coffee and cherry pie would be heaven. Except–even with all that stupid walking I’m up 3 more pounds. Gosh darnnit! I hate this I hate this I hate this! I might need to break open the wallet and to a program, but I hate programs!

    I’d love to write a book too–what would yours be like?

    If you get that nose pierced, I thump you! Noooooo! If you need something, do a little tat–Cat and I are getting tats soon. Wanna come? xoxoxo

    PS–no caftan tonight, sorry. Maybe next time, though. See you tonight, dear Karen. Come for dinner for a change, will ya? Look on the website for the menu, I don’t know it.

  5. AWESOME LIST GIRL!!! and how cool on the nose ring!!!! I have often thought of that. but am too scared!! yes I am a tattoo girl LOL only got one, still simmering on the idea of a second. LOL

    I am so ready to go thrifting with you and Stacey! I love that!!!

    Take care!

  6. Hey Karen, I love your list. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I visited. I’m going to try to get back into blogging.

  7. Welcome Back, Jules. My long lost blogging friend!!!!!

    Glad you are gonna make your comeback. I miss your thoughts and pics!

  8. Hey, just thought I would let you know that your cousin Timothy is writing his book and is on the last chapter. He is at my trailer at the lake, coming home Thurs. 1st. Hopes to have it ready for the editor by the Middle of Nov. JB is helping him with the bills at the house so he will keep on writing. He is on MySpace. His writing name is Dalton Wolf. Just thought I would pass that along as he has wanted to write since he was 10 or 11. I won’t say how old he is now but the big party will be in Dec. Love Aunt Shirley

  9. I didn’t know he was writing a book! Figures. . .he always had his nose in a book every time we saw him. :)

    I’ll check out his space.

    Thanks for posting. Good to hear from you!