Cruisin’ Crumbs

February 17, 2006

I promised everyone some pics of the cruise Mom and Dad went on, so here are a few shots of some of the things they did. You can tell they had a wonderful time!!

Mom and Dad in front of the Galaxy

Looking out of a glass bottom boat


Panama Canal

Visiting a coffee plantation on Costa Rica

Mom’s girlfriends

Dad’s buddies

The food seemed unbelievable!!

One of the formal nights on board

A quick update on Mom. . .
She spoke to her Oncologist this week and they want to go ahead with the last chemo treatment even though her numbers are all in normal range. So, one more to go!! Praise God.



12 responses to Cruisin’ Crumbs

  1. I LOVE that last pic of the sweethearts! Judy you look lovely.

    I also love the girlfriends pic! That will be us someday!

  2. Judy looks absolutely radiant. I am praising God with you all!

  3. I love the sandals with socks…heh heh heh. Them are some “tanned” legs!

  4. Oh I’m just kiddin

  5. I’m sure she’ll be super excited when that last one is finally over!

    Looks like they finally ended up having some sunny days on the cruise. Good for them, glad they went out and did this…and wish they would’ve taken me along as a baggage boy or something!

  6. You and me both, Carl!! I would love to have been a stow a way!

    Yeah, Jules, won’t it be awesome when we all get to this point in our lives that we could take off on a cruise and not have to be concerned with who would take care of all the kids!? They will be wondering if they can make it without us for a couple weeks with no babysitters!! hee hee.

    I think Mom does look radiant, too.

  7. Funny thing is, Tom. . .YOU WEAR SOCKS WITH YOUR SANDALS!!!

    you’re just jealous they are in shorts and sandals. 😉

  8. Go for it Sis. This is the answer for prayer we were looking for. You look beautiful and looks like you are enjoying life, for sure!

    Thanks for sharing these Karen.

  9. What fun pictures! It looks like they were having a great time.

    I thought the same thing Jules did! Someday we will be the freewheeling group on vacation.

  10. Whow, what a beautiful couple. Great pictures. Thank you for letting me see.

  11. Wow! Looks like fun!! I can’t wait to take a tropical vacation with Jonathan some day. I’m sure we will have to wait till’ all of our kids are grown and gone from home though :-).

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