Crumbs from a Crazy Life

November 15, 2005

I haven’t been able to post for several days due to the absolute craziness of our life right now!

So here are a few crumbs of what we have been experiencing the last few days.



Friday I had the wonderful opportunity of going shopping for hats with Mom. We went to several stores and finally found a few that were just so cute! I like the hats on Mom even better than the neat wig that she has.

I stopped by Sherwin Williams to check out wallpaper and they had in stock exactly what I was looking for. I decided to go ahead and buy it and then noticed a sign that had fallen over above the rack “50% off!” I felt truly blessed by the Lord. It was if he said “Here’s a little something to brighten your day!”

Saturday we spent the day working on our cabinets in our kitchen and Tom insulated the new room addition. We ran into electrical problems and Bill came over on Sunday to save the day!

Thanks, Bill!!!!!

Amongst all the hubbub at our house, Jaden came down with the croup! He started barking like a seal and having problems breathing so Sunday I took him to the urgent care center.

At the Dr.’s office, isn’t he sad looking!

James and his guys came over Monday morning to finish the cabinets!! Yeah! I will post more pictures of them on here later. My cabinets are great. I unloaded all my stuff and I still have some empty cabinets! I’m sure I will think of a way to fill them up. :)

Today our builder is here opening up the room between the kitchen and room addition. It’s very exciting to see all this finally come about. It’s pretty chilly in the house today as we have no heat in the new room and it is snowing. Our heating and cooling guys come in the morning to run our ductwork and the sheet rocker guy comes tomorrow. Wow!

No more window!

On another note, Mom has her surgery this morning to put in her port catheter. Please pray that all that goes very well. She will have her second round of chemo tomorrow. It will be a hard week for her. I pray that she will be feeling good to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with the family.

The Lord takes pleasure in those who frear Him, In those who hope in his mercy!



4 responses to Crumbs from a Crazy Life

  1. Hope everything went well with your mom’s surgery! Hope Jaden is doing better as well…there’s been alot of sickness going around already and the season has just begun!

  2. Yes, Mom’s surgery went fine. She’s worn out and the side they put the catheter on is really sore, but she came through great.

    Yes, I heard that Lee’s Summit has had several cases of whooping cough already. It’s early for that this year! Hopefully this isn’t a sign of the winter season.

  3. I am glad to hear that Judy’s surgery went well. I hope the soreness goes away quickly. I am praying for her as she goes for more chemo.

    The hats are very cute!

    I hope Jaden is doing better. Coughs during the night are one of the most nerve trying things for me. Every time the kids cough I hear it. I feel for you. I hope the cough subsides soon. Those barking seal coughs are kinda scary.

    I can’t wait to see the addition. It sounds like it will be nearly completed soon!

  4. Thanks, Jules! Yes, Jaden is doing really well. It’s amazing what 3 days of steroids can accomplish. He barely coughs at all and it is loose now.

    Our builder told me today that is everybody does their stuff in a timely manner, we should be complete by the first week of December! Just in time to decorate for Christmas. . .and Christmas get-togethers with room!