Crumby Garland

November 30, 2005

This year as my Mom and I discussed putting up our Christmas trees, we both decided that our garland was worn out and it was time to purchase new. We both loved our old garland but it was getting quite dilapidated and smashed from years of enjoyment.

We trekked to Hobby Lobby to ensure our 1/2 off discount and made our purchases. Evely had fun discovering ornaments as we decided what to get.



We both came home excited to put the new garland on our trees. Mom put hers on and when they came over to help us decorate she put mine on.

Mom stringing my crumby garland!

After the tree was completely decorated, I looked and looked at it trying to like it. It was horrid! It was gaudy and obnoxious. It completely overpowered the tree and you couldn’t even see the ornaments.

Needless to say. . .I went to Walmart and purchased this really cheap stuff and restrung the tree yesterday. It looks better but I am still not loving my tree. We did the same to Mom’s tree. She didn’t like her’s either. What is the deal with that? I am tired of messing with garland, I am determined to stop messing with this. Why is this such a big deal?!!

So, I pose a question for you. . .

Do you all use garland or is it going out of style?

Also, as an update on Mom. . .she is having a CatScan tomorrow morning. They will be looking at her abdomen area and determining how the cancer is responding to the chemo. Please pray for a good report! She need some good news.

Thanks for praying everyone!



20 responses to Crumby Garland

  1. I wrapped a real pretty, wide ribbon around my tree and I think it looks nice. I’ve never used garland; I just never purchased any. I like the like the little red bows you can buy and candy canes. The kids love having candy canes all over the tree.

  2. The candy cane has a neat story that goes along with it too. I tell my kids about it each year. It has lots of spiritual implications.

  3. We use wooden bead strands and star garland (very very thin gold cord with confetti like gold stars on it–you can buy it at craft stores.) We like it because it adds glitter and picks up the shine of the lights but it very subtle. The wooden red bead garland gives a more rustic old fashion feel.

    This is the first time I have left a comment. I love your website. You’re doing a great job with it and I enjoy all the updates on your mom. We will be praying for good news tomorrow and for God’s peace and joy in your lives.

  4. Evely looks darling in those pics! I was so glad to keep reading and see that you hated that garland because when I saw the picture I thought, “Oh my, that’s gaudy!!!” I generally see that type of garland used on bannisters and such. We don’t put garland on our tree, not as a big personal preference but because the lights and ornaments fill the tree up all by themselves.

    I hope to hear (read) good news concerning your mother after her tests!

  5. We use Bows with long ribbons attached instead of garland.

  6. I haven’t used garland for years. The only thing I use is the glass icicles. ( or you can get the plastic ones ) The look pretty and reflect the lights. I can just picture you and Aunt Judith staning there with your hands on your hips and shaking you heads. You are ahead of me though. My tree isn’t even up yet.

  7. I took a pole for you at work. More people don’t use garland than do. If they do it is the real thin stuff like Merri mentioned.

  8. Thanks you all for your great insights into the world of “garland” for me! I love all your ideas. I ended up with a red and white garland and it is much smaller so it isn’t as bad but I’m not going to use it next year. You all have inspired me to try something new.

    Merri, thanks for posting!! It’s good to hear from you. I have been wondering if Pun had a good interview the other day. I’ve been praying that he’ll find something he loves quickly. I liked your wood bead idea. That sounds like “you”!

  9. Teressa, I’m surprised your tree isn’t up yet! You are usually so on the ball with all this stuff. I missed seeing you guys. Did you have a good trip?

    Thanks for taking the poll for me! :)

  10. Karen, you are probably experiencing the same tree trimming dilemna as I am. Everyday, I have to put at least ten ornaments back on the tree! It gets bumped and played with often. It was real pretty when we first trimmed it, but at the end of each day it looks a little molested! Today I laughed when I found a band-aid stuck to one of the branches!!

  11. Ahhh, Evely looks so festive!

    My friend Sarah has ribbon on her tree too instead of garland. (or is that still considered garland?). It’s a dark red, nice and subtle.

    I don’t have any garland. More important, I have no tree from which to hang the garland (which I don’t have anyway).

  12. Well, Rob, you don’t appear to have much of anything. :p

  13. I will take this time to point out that Rob does have stockings, James. And wooden stringers!

  14. Excellent!

    You keep that man in the Christmas spirit for me. I’m counting on you!

  15. Oh she’s doing a nice job of it, Jimmy. The aforementioned stockings? Compliments of Sarah. The oddly colored wooden stringers were my own strange creation.

  16. I would like to see a picture of the strange wooden stringers. Sounds very interesting, Rob.

    I’m glad you found a nice friend to hang with in your new land of opportunity!

  17. Pictures forthcoming…

  18. I’ll be waiting with bated breath . . .not really.

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