Crumby Santa!!

December 13, 2005

Every year that Tom has worked for Children’s Mercy they send all the employees and their children to this big Christmas party downtown. It is really done well and the kids just have a ball. They give away free books, do face painting, crafts, magic show, caricatures and of course SANTA!

This year we stood in line for about an hour to sit on Santa’s lap. Julian was bound and determined to talk to him.

We got up there, put the kids on his lap and took pictures.

Aren’t they cute!!

You didn’t bring it!

Then Julian proceeded to tell Santa. . .”Last year I asked for a Robin suit and YOU didn’t bring it to me!”

Santa’s excuse

The kindly ‘ol fella then proceeded to explain that sometimes they run out at the North Pole, but this year he would be happy to try his best to get him a Robin suit. He explained that sometimes you have to settle for second choice gifts if they run out.

That seemed to appease poor Julian’s disappointment. I keep wondering what happened to my extremely shy little guy. He’s growing up and now letting his own thoughts and wishes be known. Kindergarten sure does cause them to grow up fast!

Here’s what this year’s caricature looked like. I think we all look a little sad.




10 responses to Crumby Santa!!

  1. So… “Santa” getting that Robin suit taken care of this year???

    That’s great that Tom’s company does that for all of you, sounds like an enjoyable family time.

  2. It is really fun! Yes, somehow Santa found one on the after Halloween rack. I think he’ll be in good shape this year.

  3. Apparently for whatever reason my head is bigger than anyone else’s. Even Jaden’s.

  4. Hmmmmmm. . .can’t imagine why. . .maybe becaaaaause it is!?

  5. Tom, that is what you get for making fun of the Dibben-heads. :o)

    Karen, I think you all look wistful…

  6. **spoiler warning**

    A funny Santa story:

    Our 9 year old nephew, Andrew, has discovered the rather shocking news that Santa is not real. In an attempt to keep him from sharing this new information with his little brother, Christie and David promised Andrew that he can have the milk and cookies if he promises to keep quiet!!! He agreed to the deal!

  7. That’s really funny, Jules!!

  8. What an ingenious little bribe, Jules. :-)

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