Day of Beauty

March 3, 2006

Sorry to post two things in one day, but I wanted to share my kiddos having fun on Wednesday. It was such a beautiful day – a true day of beauty. The weather was a warm almost 80!! Spring was teasing and it beckoned us all outside for several hours. It was such fun to swing the kids, swing the kids, swing the kids. . .okay, I was starting to get tired of swinging them! You get the picture. They, however, never did get tired of swinging.

Three happy amigos.

She pulled her shoes and this sock off. I am still looking for that sock!

Jaden peeking

They were so excited to be outside and Evely just cried when I finally made them all come in. She crawled over to the back door and stood there looking out the window crying. Poor baby.

Evely being happy.

Oh I am sooo ready for Spring!! It can’t come quick enough.

“It’s spring fever…. You don’t quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” Mark Twain



10 responses to Day of Beauty

  1. They’re all so cute, and Evely is such a super-cutie! I love that even at that age kids recognize how wonderful it is to be outside in spring-like weather. I’m jealous that you were able to be out enjoying it while I was in my office cursing the weather gods for putting the best days during the week rather than the weekend!!! Of course had I been out there pushing kids endlessly on the swing I may have quickly found myself longing for a pile of paperwork! :)

  2. Love the black and white pics. I think I’ll start taking more.

    I am doing a quick escape on your website. Geez the kids are grouchy this morning. I am ready for the retreat! Better go manage things!!!

  3. Yeah, Carl. I do remember the days in the office with mounds of work and it was beautiful outside. Sometimes I do long for those kinds of mounds and not the laundry and stuff.

    Jules, remember how we have always said that the day of a getting away is always soooo hard. You just want to go get started on the fun thing and leave all the rest behind!! I’m there with you. I can’t wait for the retreat too.

  4. Sounds like you and Julie had a great retreat!

    I love the stuffed animal story and the pictures of the kiddos playing outdoors.

  5. Your kids are just the best. So photo friendly! Julian really wore me out to day running around the church. But it was fun. I feel like I’ve bonded so much with your two younger ones it was great to have fun with Julian.

  6. Yes, what precious babys! So happy, so beautiful! What a wonderful family!

  7. Yeah, Mary! The retreat was sooooo good. I had a great time. I was totally worn out when I got home and Tom had found babysitting for the kids and took me out to dinner. That was so nice or him! I think I will keep him. :)

    Next time you will have to come along, too.

  8. Megan, Julian had a great time, too. I think it’s sweet that my kids are getting to know all you college age cool chics. When we left church Jaden kept talking about how he wanted “Audreys”.

  9. Love the picture of Evely’s foot-too cute. I can’t wait for my camera to get here….just a few more days!

  10. Yeah, Amber, you will love your camera!! It’s so fun to just snap away and not think about wasting film or having to develop 20 pictures of some toes sticking out of a pant leg! It’s great.