Deep Thoughts

May 4, 2009

Jaden, my 5 year old, has been doing some deep spiritual thinking lately. The questions have sometimes been difficult to answer and the fact that he asks these questions continually surprises me. Some of these are hilarious; enjoy….


“Mom, why is God our Father if I already have parents?”

“If God is in heaven, then how does he live in my heart?”

“Mom, are there toilets in heaven? If there are no toilets then does that mean that God doesn’t have a butt crack?”

“Hey Mom! You know how God is going to destroy the earth and make a new one someday? Will there be Burger Kings in the new one?”



5 responses to Deep Thoughts

  1. I LOVE the Burger King ! He is so CUTE!! I love this age. It’s precious. He is a quiet, introspective, deep thinker.

  2. Tell him Tom is the only one in heaven that will require wiping. Everyone else’s poo magically evaporates.

  3. Jon- heh-heh-heh,ho-ho-ho….yeah.

  4. Hey Karen, you have a nice rack!

    Do you remember?

  5. Hee Hee….Kandis!! That was the cutest rack at that garage sale! 😆