Destruction of a Birthday Cake

February 6, 2006

Friday night we had the joy of celebrating Evely’s 1st birthday with family, food and all the birthday fancies. It was so fun. Evely was quite the ham that night, too. I had looked and looked for a theme for the party and couldn’t find anything I really liked. Everywhere I went I saw all the cute Valentine stuff and decided to make that her theme. Everything was hearts and chocolate – a girl’s favorite things. Might as well start her off early.

This picture was taken of Evely on her actual birthday, Jan. 27th.

Here’s a first-hand look at the destruction of her personal birthday cake.

cake 1
The saucer was one of my Great-Grandmother’s.

Getting started

Diggin’ In!


Here’s some of my favorite pics of our “loving family”!!

bmk kb
Bill and MK **** Kenny and Barb

md rr
Mom and Dad **** Ross and Rita

Danny and Marlena

Thanks Everyone for helping us celebrate! You can see all the “love” in the air.



6 responses to Destruction of a Birthday Cake

  1. She’s a cutie, but I need more pics with cake smeared all over her baby head!

  2. She was just way too dainty for that! The only one of my kids that cleaned up easily without having to be dunked in the tub.

  3. She’s the cutest! Love the pic in the hat!

  4. With you as a son she is no doubt a saint, Tom!

  5. Happy 1st Birthday, cute girl!

    I love the family pictures, Karen.