Don’t ya wish ya had one of these!

July 10, 2006

When I look around at all the really cool toys that kids have today, I hear “man, don’t ya wish we had those when we were little!” And actually, most of the time I would have to say “I guess. . .” . BUT there is one toy that my kids have that causes me to say “I do wish I had that one!”

It’s the John Deere Gator!!


Uncle Mike surprised the boys with it a couple of Christmas’s ago. Since he works for the big J.D. Corporation, both of the boys seem to love all the John Deere paraphernalia. This one is their favorite! We’ve kept it over at my Mom and Dad’s and they have run over hill and dell to their hearts content. What freedom!


Then on the 4th we brought it over for all the kids to enjoy. They each enjoyed trying their hand at driving for the first time. It was adorable!


I guess you could call this “four wheelin'”.

Oh to be little for just a couple of hours so I could take this baby out for a spin!



18 responses to Don’t ya wish ya had one of these!

  1. Do you have to be little to jump on it? It only bogged down a little when I took it for a spin the other night. Course, that last 1/4 mile where I had to carry it home wasn’t a lot of fun, but……

  2. I wish I’d of had one when I was a kid too. These are so cool. Does’nt Jules girls have one simular to this.

    I sold my four-wheeler and really have been sorry I did. I truly loved that machine. :cry

  3. Yeah, Jules’ family has one too! They are great. A four wheeler. . .I like to ride those but only on the back. I’m not great at driving stuff like that. I drove a minibike at camp one year and couldn’t get the hang of it. I ran into a fence and they made me get off. (I was relieved!) :banghead

    Amber, I missed seeing you hop on the gator! Where was I???

  4. Karen- I think I was just dreaming or something :p. I don’t think my left butt cheek could fit in the front seat of that thing :moon. Although, it would be fun to try…

  5. I think your butt would fit, it’s your long legs that would have the problem! :p

  6. I always wanted one of those big battery powered vehicles when I was a kid and I remember Tori always asking for one too. Sadly they were always just too much and when she was little we lived in a place that it would’nt have worked for us to have one anyway. I love watching the D girls ride around in theirs.

  7. I really wish I could get the older girls a small four wheeler for country visits. They are starting to get too big for the gator.

    They have had sooooo much fun on it through the years. Of course, the little ones still get lots of use out of it. It’s losts lots of pieces, including the dash and tailgate, but it keeps on wheeling around the yard. Mom and Larry gave it to them for Christmas one year.

    My niece’s new four wheeler has a remote for parents. You can make it alarm to call them back and you can even kill the engine by remote. They are very expensive. :cry

  8. Are you trying to say my legs are fat too? :rotfl

  9. Yup, they are hugely fat!!!

  10. Funny, Amber!! :fish

  11. Amber, it must be awful to be a six foot blonde. I just don’t know how you cope.

  12. Well, I’m really 5′ 9″ and I pay good money for this “blond” hair :p

  13. It does cost good money to try to be beautiful!

  14. Not that your trying, Amber. . .oh never mind.

  15. I don’t really “try”….I more like “make an attempt”. A weak attempt. I think in order to “try” one must truly care….my hallmark seems to be apethy these days. I can’t even drag my butt to the Dr to find out why my eyeballs have been bright red for two weeks! It’s a sad thing to be void of any enery 100% of the time.

    At least I’m not pregnant again! :eek I hope….

  16. No, Amber, it’s just the things you are “caring” about are all but yourself. With those three little ones they can take up all your “trying” and just leaves the “attempts” for yourself. You are such a good mom, your energy is just used up on everyone else around you.

    Are you saying you COULD be pregnant??????? :eek :eek :eek :eek

  17. Amber, I just recently started trying again. I’ve had fun getting clothes and makeup and accessories. The last eight years were so busy with babies that there just wasn’t time for much else. I was totally exhausted but it feels so good to be coming out of that. I will miss babyhood for the rest of my life, but good things are in store for my family and I! I have more energy now to give more time and attention to James, too.

    I think you always look so beautiful. Your family is a very blessed through you.

  18. I shall be seeing you in 4 days!!! Hope your having fun in Vegas!! You’ll do great on the picures at the wedding. HAVE FUN!!!! See you at church. Love you!!