Evely is 4!

January 29, 2009

This last Tuesday we had the privilege of celebrating another year of Evely’s life. She has been an absolute joy to have as a daughter and I am loving having all the girlie aspects she brings to our home.

Tuesday she started off in her new outfit complete with new jeans that have a butterfly that lights up on them. She went to Mother’s Day Out and took some cupcakes and goody bags for her little friends.


That afternoon Tom had to work late so we met him down at the hospital and picked him up. We headed to Fritz’s for a special meal of burgers and fries. Just what a kid ordered!


Fritz’s is this great little diner where you order by phone at your booth and then a train delivers your food to your table.


The kids had a great time watching the trains scurry around the walls.


The food here is par and pretty pricey, but the atmosphere is so fun!

After dinner we headed home for some cupcakes and presents. It was a successful fourth celebration. We have one more family party to go on Friday. This time it will be pizza and more cupcakes.

The three amigos. I love my kids. Isn’t Julian getting so grown up?



6 responses to Evely is 4!

  1. Happy Birthday, Evely! She is adorable!

    Julian is such a big kid with his “cool kid” pose. They are growing up. Yikes!!

  2. What does the 2 fingers to the side in Julians picture mean? If they were straight up and down I would think he was using the Peace symbol. Maybe I am just not cool enough to know??

  3. It’s a gang symbol for “peace”…..

    Yeah, it still means peace even to the side. Now they hit their chest twice with their fist and then throw the peace sign out and say “peace out”.

    Never thought I would feel so out of the loop with lingo!

  4. Yeah the peace symbol. Guess it’s better than the middle finger. heh-heh
    Fritz’s is a scam when it comes to the food, but the atmosphere is cool. A friend of mine designed the wolf and train logo on the sign.
    Julian is getting so grown up and Jaden is right on his heels. Just seeing them run around with Julian on his heely’s makes me realize how time is really moving fast.

  5. Happy Birthday Evely–Karen she’s too cute!

  6. That just isn’t possible! Perhaps you counted wrong! Could she really be that old already?!?!