Evely is 8!

January 27, 2013

Today is my sweet Evely’s 8th birthday.  Only another Mom can appreciate that on days like these we have to take a journey back to the day they were born.  It may only be a moment long, but those memories of babies being brought into the world to live a life all of their own are momentous; not to ever be forgotten.  Maybe it’s because we had a hand in carrying them inside, safe and sound until they could thrive on their own.  We understand that humbly if it weren’t for God Himself, using our body, could this baby ever be.  That is an awesome responsibility and experience that makes a Mom: Mom.  I’m thankful to be her Mom and as she grows and changes it’s fun to be friends too.

Here are a few pictures from her little party we had with some close friends yesterday.  It was fun and full of laughs and squeals




Evely is the ultimate in creative. She can come up with all kinds of things to make. She loves to write and draw and probably her favorite thing in the whole world is a new journal or notebook. She is funny and has such a great personality. One thing I especially love about her is that she is thankful and she is flexible. Maybe being a third kid in the family has made her laid back and flexible, but it’s such a great asset to her character. She loves to swing and even on a snow day she will get out that snow suit and go swing on the wooden swing hanging in our tree. The best thing about the swing is that while she swings, she SINGS…at the top of her lungs. Someday I will really miss that.



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  1. Happy Birthday, Evely!!